The top 5 greatest of 2013

As each year goes by we grow no matter what, even if we had a year of hard times, we are still able to learn from those and grow as people. For me this year I learnt probably the most I have learnt in all my years of life and I look forward to bettering that during 2014.

Even though my blog still has not reached it’s 12 month mark and is still a wee little baby compared to a lot of other travel blogs, there have been a few posts that are more popular than the rest so I have gathered the greatest of 2013 up and put them all into one post for you.

Bugger Society, Travel


With travel being such a huge passion of mine I wrote this article not for people to just throw it all away and travel. But to just stop, take a step back and really evaluate what they are doing in and with their life and whether it makes them happy. Not that we should all travel because it’s not foreveryone and we should all realize that, but this article is more to rattle the cage and to help people realize what they should and shouldn’t be doing with their life.

The day I became a shark attack victim
greatest of 2013After a life in the water surrounded by waves and marine life, surfing, free diving and working as a dive master, never before would I have thought to experience something so incredibly shocking. This article is all about the tale of the attack and why I was so dumbfounded it happened.




Why it’s cheaper to travel than to stay at home

I have been on the road and adventuring around the world for over 4 years now and with that has come an incredible amount of knowledge. One being that travelling the globe really is A LOT greatest of 2013cheaper than most people perceive it to be. So my mission not just through my whole blog but in this particular article is to expose the truth of why and how it’s actually quite affordable to see and do, all it is that you want to do in the world.

A corpse passed by my face, the culture shock of a lifetime!

I had been living in Egypt for 5 months until I travelled to Nepal and I had thought I would be prepared to visit Varanasi. However it turns out I was wrong and the thought of booking my flight home right then and there seemed like the right choice. This story and experience is one that has been imprinted in my brain forever and is the one tale I tell just about everyone who asks me what it’s like to visit India.

Cave men still exist; I met some in the rose red city of Petra –

This is a story of how I got to the greatest tourist attraction I have ever seen, even better than the Pyramids of Giza! Not is this place just great but the people are too. They are ever so friendlyand I even met a great guy who I spent a while talking to at the “top of the world” as he would call it and just sat there drinking his local Bedouin tea as he explained his life story as a cave man.

greatest of 2013

Now although there are plenty more stories and articles I could have shared with you, I would love to hear your opinion in the comment box below about which one of these 5 you either liked or didn’t like and why?

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