Is your travel money card ripping you off?

Are you using the easiest, most secure and most importantly the cheapest method of accessing your cash whilst travelling?

If you are using your credit card, bankcard or even most travel money cards, I can tell you right now that you are getting ripped off and the bank is laughing at you for doing so. Don’t stress though, you can keep your nickers out of knots and you can call the shots because there are ways around all this so you can keep your hard-earned cash in your pocket to allow you to travel longer and further.

I researched and researched two years ago to find the easiest and cheapest travel money card on the market. Thing is that, as you know “times are a changing” and changing quickly. It didn’t take me long to realize there has to be a better option when I was going from country to country with only the option of 9 currencies on my card and it was costing me a packet to load it on money card

Now although I love my bank (Commonwealth), their travel money card sucks! And it was plain and simply ripping me off! So I started to research again and eventually found 2 great alternatives that cost me absolutely nothing and I can access whatever currency in what ever country I want and all for nothing.

28 Degree Master Card

GE Money brought out a master card, which can be used internationally. The great thing about this card, unlike all other master cards is that when using it anywhere in the world you pay no transaction fee to the bank and no international transaction fee. How good is that! The next best thing though is that its 55 days interest free. What’s in it for them you may ask? Well the interest rate is quite high being 18% so you just need to make sure you pay it off before the 55 days. You also have the option to withdrawal cash out at any MasterCard accepting ATM for free (except the ATM fee charge). Although interest on cash advances starts getting charged straight away, but you can just pay that cash advance amount off instantly and not have to worry about it. This MasterCard is much better than all the other travel cards I have come across so definitely worth checking them out, you can find more info on their site here.

Visa Debit Card

Now, of any travel card, this is my all-time favourite. Citibank brought out a Visa Debit Card you can load money onto for free along with no account keeping fees unlike most travel cards. When purchasing overseas (or home country) there are no transaction fees or international transaction fees. You can withdrawal money as a cash advance at any ATM accepting Visa for free (except the ATM fee). Now how do they make their money, well they obviously just use your uploaded money to invest, which still allows you to access that money whenever needed. This travel card is by far the best on the market and I highly recommend it to anyone, you can find more info on their site here.

I realize that these ways of accessing money abroad is not for everyone, so I would love to hear your way, what works for you and what doesn’t in the comment box below.

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