What’s your 2014 travel resolutions ?

Another year past and another awesome year to follow, but before we move on, did you stop to think back over 2013? Did you take your time to remember what you could have done more of or what you could do better next time, whilst travelling?

There is always room for improvement as we grow older and that goes for travel. So I want to share with you a suggestion of 10 travel resolutions you could make to have a better year of travel ahead in 2014.

1. Learn a little of the language for wherever you are planning to go to – There are many of us who take our own language for granted and travel to further away places expecting communication to all be too easy. (Whilst usually we are quite lucky communicating, it is also a little rude and obnoxious.) We should all try to get in touch with the locals, learn a little of their language and it will go a long way. People will detect your efforts, they will become more helpful for the sheer fact you are making an effort, it’s actually quite respectful. So maybe next time we head off to a foreign country, just a few words of the local lingo can make a huge difference, particularly, hello, yes, please, no, thank you & etc.Travel resolutions

2. Eat the cultural/traditional food – How many times have you been abroad and your travel buddy(s) suggest Macca’s or some sort of fast food? This is one of my pet hates, especially if you are on just a short trip. You can get those types of food anywhere in the world, but yet they choose to not indulge in the local food. The food in just about every country is a ginormous part of their culture and it would be just such a shame for people to miss out on it given the opportunity.

3. Say YES to twice as much as you did last year – Last year you may have done some incredible things, but what’s stopping you from doing even more this time around. You only live once, so you need to ask yourself, am I really prepared to not live a more fulfilling life every year as I grow older? Don’t make excuses, just do it!

4. Pack less, travel more – It’s always great to have a lighter back pack, so see if there are things you packed last time that you didn’t use and leave them behind. Travel more, get out there and see more than you did last year. If you went on one trip, go on two. If you visited 2 countries visit 3 or more. I believe that if you are reading this, you know that travel makes you happy, so you know that by travelling more this coming year you have nothing to lose and all your happiness to gain.

5. Visit a place you never thought you would – Write down a place you would never of imagined going to and base your travels around going there. I think you will feel rewarded and come to a conclusion that the place you chose may not be what you pictured it to be like at all.

6. Take solo adventures – Be courageous, step outside of your comfort zone and start living. This is the ultimate test; if you can travel solo you will find communicating with just about anybody in your life simple. You will meet the most amazing people, with incredible stories that will more than likely truly move you. Solo travel will change you, into a better you.

7. Inspire by example – If you want people to do something, do it first. Show them it’s possible. Be that person that guides people down a path that you know they will love a path that you have created where they will find happiness and fulfilment too.travel resolutions

8. Talk to more people – At first it will be hard to walk up to someone and just start chatting, It really helps if you start off by asking a really simple question and then elaborate the conversation around that and if that doesn’t work ask another question and elaborate around that one. But once you start to become more confident you will meet some of the most amazing people. Not only that but you will learn, oh my will you learn! They say that you learn at least one thing from every person you meet and I find that very true. So the more people you talk to, the more people you actually meet and the more you will learn. Talking to people can create incredible connections for opportunities and help you acquire insane amounts of knowledge. Doors will start to open that you never even knew existed. They also say life is about the people you meet, and the things you create with them, so go out there and start creating.

9. Spend less time researching – I know, I know. Initially you would be thinking “but how do I know what or where to go”. Well of course if you are travelling somewhere you should know how to get there at least and possibly even what you may be able to do there (but sometimes it’s fun and more adventurous not to). It is a great thing to arrive at a place, talk to the locals, other travelers and people around to see what awesomely fun things there are to see and do. You will find you will enjoy it more as you never would have expected much from the start.

10. Don’t think about doing it, DO IT – So there are all these people that really want to do things such as see a place, tick something off their bucket list or even start travelling. They think about it a lot, which, yes it’s great, but they hold onto those thoughts for far too long and don’t take action. So instead of just thinking about it, do it! Make a plan, set goals and give yourself dates to work towards. Before you know it you will be accomplishing your travel goals. No one wants to hear “I am going to do this/that when I have the time or the money or blah blah blah”. We want to hear “I did this, and I achieved that”. Everyone loves hearing that somebody has gone out and done what they said they would, do that and not only will you lead by example but you will be a lot happier person for ticking things off your to do list.

With these examples I hope I was able to stoke some ideas of your own. If so, what are some of your travel resolutions you are looking to achieve this year?

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