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your christmas

Me at the stunning resort

So after spending Christmas 2012 on my own in Egypt, I thought it would be fitting to throw the question out there to the family and see if they would be interested in spending a Christmas together abroad.

A few thoughts were thrown out there about the cheap and also nasty Bali, however we decided we weren’t up for spending Christmas with the rest of Australia. I through out a wild card and mentioned Borneo for I had heard it was quite nice to which dad (the Google master) jumped on the net and started finding things to do and places to go in Borneo. Next thing we knew our flights were booked and off we went to Borneo Christmas.

Seeming as the parents had organized the majority of the trip, it was up to us (the siblings) to sort out the Christmas day festivities. However before Christmas day even approached we decided to treat the parents and ourselves to a beautiful Christmas Eve buffet dinner at the Sutera Harbour Resort, so we stuffed our faces and merrily drank the evening away.

The next morning, Christmas day, we took the parents down to the harbor and hoped on a speed boat over to an incredibly beautiful cove resort on Gayan Island. It was the Bunga Raya Resort (Bunga Raya is Malaysian for hibiscus, which is the Malaysian national flower), who hosted us for pre-arranged Christmas lunch. We were extremely lucky to be guests here for the day as your christmasusually the resort is not open to the public unless they are staying there. We got connected by a tourist office (if you are interested I can guide you to the tourist office we dealt with).



The resort provided us with water activities in the stunning cove from, stand up paddle boarding, kayaking and snorkeling. They had a gorgeous infinity pool by the ocean side. We enjoyed a deliciously filling buffet lunch finished off with more relaxing by the beach until the afternoon ended with our boat trip back to the mainland before the storm came over.

That was one unforgettable Christmas and I highly suggest checking this out if you are after a quaint and relaxed time as it is totally away from the hustle and bustle. A perfect place for a well needed break which everyone needs once in a while.

Have you ever spent Christmas in an amazing place in the world, and where was it?

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