The night I slept in a horizontal toilet cube – the capsule hotel

It was an experience I couldn’t miss out on. Only in Japan can you do this right. So I though F it, I am going to go with the culture here and give it a whirl, I am not at all claustrophobic so what do I have to lose. After all I have slept in way, and I mean wayyy worse places over the years.

capsule hotel

Actually, come to think of it I have slept in a lot more “not so good” places compared to “good”. But those are other stories for other times I guess.

Okay back to my place of residence for the evening. It was basically a 3000 Yen, two cubic meter (that’s 1x1x2m = 2m³) piece of real estate, that I rented for the night, which came with access to a bathroom, showers, toilets and even an onsen. Oh yea an onsen is a traditional Japanese style hot tub that you can’t wear clothes in and its single sex only. Yea I know right, kind of odd but you can also read about my ‘naked men onsen experience here, in a separate blog.

Back to where I was sleeping for the night. It’s actually called a capsule hotel, which is popular throughout Japan with budget travellers or people who just want to sleep and leave the next morning. It’s a hotel where there are banks of capsules you hire to sleep in. As I was visiting the Sapporo Ice Festival last minute these were my only option, as paying $100+ per room is not an option for a budget traveller like me.

capsule hotel
These capsules were not too expensive at just $30 per night. As usual depending on the capsule hotel in different places throughout Japan the prices will vary and I am sure in Tokyo they are a little more expensive. Often you will find these capsule hotels are single sex only and the capsule hotel I stayed in was just for males.

If you are interested in checking it out, it’s called Capsule Inn Sapporo and you can get to their website by clicking the above link. Has anyone else tried a capsule hotel and what did you think?

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