A golden ticket for unlimited travel . . . forever!

What would you do if you had a ticket to travel anywhere in the world, whenever you wanted in first class, forever!golden ticket

Once upon a time such a ticket actually existed, it was a “Golden Ticket” that enabled you to catch unlimited first class flights to anywhere in the world for a whole lifetime, yes LIFETIME!

Back in 1981 American Airlines brought out that exact “Golden Ticket”. For $250,000, you could travel on as many flights in first class as you wanted, forever. Not only that, but there was also the option to bring a companion, anyone you wanted for and extra $150,000. Oh my lord, think of the possibilities, the incredible life you would live, what you would see, the adventures you would have and the people you would meet.

Imagine that, just take a moment to absorb that information . . .

Never before did I know this existed until an interesting conversation between me, a mate and a handful of other travelers had whilst we were snowboarding in Japan. My good friend explained to us that this was no joke, these “Golden Tickets” once existed and off course I didn’t believe him. That is until good old Google confirmed it and put me back in my place. Nevertheless, I was astounded at the possibilities as myself and friends excitingly exchanged the amounts of awesome things we would see and do. Even how our life would truly be so incredible it would be one that would have to be shared with the world.

golden ticket

We threw out crazy ideas such as never having to pay for anything again, sleeping on planes each night and awaking in a new place each day. Instead of buying a house you could just buy the golden ticket; you would have everything you need. You could spend your lunches, dinners or any meals in the VIP lounges along with sleeping on flights or in the lounge and literally fly to any airport in the world.

You would have the opportunity to never miss a birthday, a wedding, a party, a festival, or any bloody thing at all!

The possibilities are endless to how insanely amazing this would be. If you were to have one of these “Golden Tickets”, what would you do, how would you spend your life and what or where would you visit first?


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