The big bad BORING city of Manila, Philippines

I didn’t particularly know all to much about this place and usually when I rock up I gather a whole lot of info, go from there and have an epic time!

It wasn’t until after visiting Manila that just about everyone I spoke to had the same opinion about this place.

It sucks!


Each morning we were privileged to awake to this sunrise

Obviously it’s not all bad, but in saying that its not all that good either.

I am sorry to burst your bubble if you thought I would rant and rave on about how awesome every place is that I visit, because honestly that’s not the case. I couldn’t have this blog be one big glorified amount of posts telling you everywhere on the map is incredible, because you know its not. Just like if you were to pick through a bunch of strawberries. Whilst strawberries are great and delicious, when going through a whole lot you are bound to come across a few that aren’t worth your while. That’s the exact same when travelling, majority of places you will visit are awesome, however some are just not.

Which is exactly how I felt about Manila. Now don’t get me wrong, I didn’t have high expectations of it in the first place before visiting. I knew it was just a big city. What I didn’t know was, there is hardly anything to see and do in and around Manila.

I flew into Manila for New Years Eve with my brother and two sisters and we tried to hunt around for things to see and do. We stayed about 20mins from the airport right near Manila bay. Venturing into the city all we could find to do was to browse around and shop.

I am not a shopper and so I got quite bored quite easily. There are some cheaper items you can barter for at the GreenHill market up near Green Hills. But hey, sorry, shopping its just not my thing.


A evening shot from our balcony

However New Years didn’t turn out to be all so bad. We cruised down to the supermarket and stocked up on some drinks, and then headed back to our apartment. Our apartment was situated on Pablo Ocampo where we had a spectacular view of the whole city. This was quite cool because there were fireworks after fireworks everywhere. So we stayed there until around 10pm and then head to the Mall of Asia where we danced at a club before heading to the main stage outside and watched some performances until they let off an incredible firework display that lasted from 25-30mins. This was certainly the highlight for me.

But all in all, Manila is a place you can stop by for easy flight transfers, but if you are thinking of heading into the city to check things out. I wouldn’t waste your time. Instead stay somewhere closer to the airport.

Whilst I didn’t like Manila personally I am sure some people might have. Who’s been and what did you think?


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