Monkeying around with the longest nose in Borneo

It was a big day, first up we visited the Orangutans at the Sepilok Orangutan Centre for feeding time, following which, we headed to the jungle for the Kinabatangan River cruise to see the famous proboscis monkey and other native wildlife.monkeying around

Upon arrival at the Kinabatangan River, we jumped on a boat and cruised over to the resort on the opposite side of the river, where we were briefed before boarding our boat all life jacketed up. The boat took off into the murky, muddy and mysterious waters, where logs and crocodiles lurched on the surface. Not that we were lucky enough to see a croc, either that or we couldn’t distinguish the difference.

Primarily coming to see the “longest nose in Borneo” (the Proboscis Monkey) as they call them, we also saw a lot of long tail monkeys which are smaller and certainly more active than the lazy ass proboscis. Don’t get me wrong though, the biggest nose in Borneo was awesome to see. Although, really, it was quite hard to get a good glimpse unless you had binoculars (tip- take some or borrow your guides like me). I even struggled to get any good shots at all on my camera. I guess I am going to have to wait another year before my blog becomes more popular where some awesome company can sponsor me with a super duper 75-300mm zoom lens.

Until that day comes though, I will make do with what I have and show you a snippet of what we saw from my GoPro and my Canon DSLR.

I can easily say it was a great way to cruise about and see the monkeys and if you are into bird watching, there is a wide range to check out there too. If you are interested in this, check out Kinabatangan Riverside lodge here.monkeying around




Who else has seen the Proboscis monkey and agrees they are not the most active creatures?

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