Getting naked with other men, the onsen experience

It’s quite an odd experience, but I actually enjoyed it. I can say it was a good sensation and afterwards I felt very relaxed and am really looking forward to doing it again.onsen

I hope your mind is on the right track here. I am talking about going to an Onsen in Japan. I do admit I hesitated and didn’t particularly want to go but I knew these were a tradition and you know me. I want to get into the culture as much as possible and if that meant stripping down to the nud and taking a hot bath with other blokes after a big day of boarding (snowboarding in Niseko Japan), then so be it.

Taking an Onsen can at first be an odd experience and if you are a westerner or from anywhere really other than Japan. Especially if you have no idea what an Onsen even is, how it works or what its for then keep on reading to save yourself some humiliation.

To justify this a little more it’s not just a hot bath. An Onsen is a natural hot spring and the chemical ingredients can be absorbed by the body, which can bring about positive benefits to your health. The heat stimulates and accelerates your metabolism and maintains your autonomic nervous system. There are other benefits from the buoyancy and the scenery, but I won’t delve too much into that here. All you really need to know is an Onsen is really good for your health and body.

Although the thing is I was clueless, and I didn’t particularly want to go and ask someone how to take an Onsen. That is kind of like asking someone how do you take a shower, its just super weird and creepy.

So not knowing at all what to do was actually really shit. This means you sort of have to watch the other people doing their thing, which isn’t something you want to do when they are completely starkers. First of all a naked mans body isn’t beautiful and pretty like a ladies and second of all you don’t want them to catch you looking because that just makes the whole situation awkward as hell right.
Honestly though there is not much to it, you strip down and walk in to the washing area. In here you can either sit or stand. Everyone was sitting so I decided to follow suit. So you wash yourself here and rinse yourself down. Then you just walk over to wherever the Onsen is and sit in there for however long you please.

There are many around in Japan and you will be certain to find one just about anywhere. The price range can differ from 500-1200 yen and they are well worth it!

Once you get over the concept of being naked around other blokes you tend to forget about it and really enjoy the whole experience.

Who else has experienced an Onsen and did you find it a little weird?




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