Why you should never take a water bottle with you when travelling

Are you making the rookie mistake of taking a water bottle with you when you travel?

I bet your thinking, why on earth is it a bad idea to take a water bottle away with you.  Certainly taking a water bottle with you on your travels is a smart idea, right.

Think again.

Ok well yea, you’re right. It is a smart idea, but! There is an even smarter way.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I was once a rookie too until not long ago a friend of mine gave me the greatest present someone has given me whilst travelling.  It is a “camelback”.

If you are unaware of what these are, that’s fine, I am here to inform you of their awesomeness. But if you already know they exist and you thought “hmm cool concept but it’s not really worth getting one” just like I did, then you are truly missing out, sorry.

camelbakThese things are great; I have it with me everywhere. I leave it above my bed where I can wake up whenever and not have to move but just place the mouth piece in my mouth and get hydrated. Before all this I would barely take my water bottle with me anywhere, but now I use the Camelback bag and it’s as though I’m not even wearing it. I fill it up, attach my camera to it and place my wallet etc. inside. I love it because I don’t have to have anything in my pockets and I can just take a sip without the hassle of shuffling stuff and getting things out of my bag. There are also make backpack types as well. This is going to be my next investment.

Another thing is that I am always hydrated now, which obviously is super important especially if you are hiking or walking long distances, this is what it’s made for. For travelers, just like you and me.

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