Video – Backcountry snowboarding in Japan

You know that feeling you have when you are about 5 years old and its Christmas Eve, that excitement you get for what tomorrow is going to bring. You jump into bed and you struggle to fall asleep because there are too many thoughts dashing through your little head.

Yea, well . . . this was me. Nothing short of being a child as I brushed my fangs before bed after a full day of shredding 30cm of fresh Japanese champagne powder.

Why was I so darn excited, even though I had already just had such an incredible day doing some of the best backcountry snowboarding ever?

backcountry snowboarding

Riding the backcountry in Hokkaido Japan

Because after a 30cm dump, any snow the following day would be twice as amazing. That and that it was currently snowing outside with even more snow forecast to come.

7.12 am – My alarm rang in that awful stock standard iPhone tone that we all love. I hurriedly swiped it off in one ninja like move and appeared from my cocoon in the YHA Hostel with a blazing smile upon my sleepy face as I peered through the window and double fisted the air in glee.

Another epic powder day of backcountry snowboarding was upon us and everyone at the breakfast table had their hands on their smartphones refreshing the avalanche report page every 5 minutes until the daily update finally loaded. “Here it is” I said as everyone looked over my way. I just nodded my head in contempt, looked up with a devilish grin and said “50cm”.

Nobody believed me of course, until they checked themselves, which was awesome to see everyone else’s enthusiastic reactions as their eyes lit up knowing that I wasn’t playing ‘the little boy who cried wolf’.

After that everyone basically inhaled their breakfast and scurried around the hostel getting their lives together before the first lift opened.

I won’t explain how amazing that day was, as I don’t think you could handle the insane amounts of positive adjectives I would have to use in order to get the message across. So, in this case I will leave you with the below video and the correct statement of ‘it’s the best powder I have ever ridden and a day I will never forget’.

Want to get some backcountry snowboarding or skiing done in Japan, check out Powder Hounds for much more info or you could head to Niseko like myself. If you have a favourite place in the world you love to board or ski please feel free to leave a comment about it below, happy snow days everyone 🙂

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