Can’t find love? This man works miracles (video)

If this is not the sweetest love story ever, I don’t know what is. The man who finds love for people, dedicating it to his beloved wife who passed.

These are the travel experiences us travellers live for. To meet truly amazing and such inspiring people, and you can’t get much more inspiring than this one incredible man I was fortunate enough to meet in Tokyo.

I was couchsurfing in a place called Futako-Shinchi in Tokyo for a few nights where my host and I went for a sunset pushbike ride (how romantic right). Anyways to cut to the chase he asked “Is it okay if I introduce you to a good friend of mine who owns this restaurant just by my house”. I said “okay sure let’s do it”. We walked in there, I met the guy, sat down and didn’t leave until 3 hours later despite the nice little man not speaking a lick of English and my Japanese was . . .  lets just say non-existent.


The miracle man and myself

My couchsurfing host acted as our translator as he relayed to me the tale of what extraordinary things this man does for people. Some would call him the love doctor, some maybe cupid, hitch, the miracle man, he who creates destiny and the list goes on.

But what he really does is a thing they call ‘Omiai’ in Japanese. Which means a marriage meeting, where a person called ‘a go-between’ or in this case ‘Toshy the great’ introduces a prospective couple. The ratio of love marriages by this method exceeds that of arranged marriages which was practiced half a century ago.

Toshy is just 70 years young and has a lot of women who come to him for help. Being such a humble and genuine guy he knows A LOT of people with which he takes his time in finding a man who he believes will be their perfect match for each women. Amazingly this man has brought 120 couples together and 40 of which have gone on to become happily married. He has been bringing people together for over 25 years now and does it all from his restaurant “Toshy’s Kitchen” in Futako-Shinchi which he has been running for 45 years.

After reading all this, you are probably thinking exactly what I was thinking – “this guy is the biggest legend ever!”

But, as if that is not mind blowing enough, what is even more uplifting and inspiring is Toshy does all of this out of the kindness of his own heart. Which he dedicates everything he does for these people to his beloved wife who past away 8 years ago.

So if you find yourself in Tokyo you should drop by his restaurant ‘Toshy’s Kitchen’ in Futako-Shinchi, say hi and congratulate him on his astonishing efforts.

Or if you really wanted to help him out you could.

Toshy has a goal and wants to get to 50 marriages and is just 10 shy from achieving it. Whilst Toshy has been doing exceedingly well so far without us, he would still love our help to get to his goal. To do this we just need to get some exposure of his story, so if you would like to help you can by just simply sharing either this video or the article.

Isn’t Toshy just the biggest legend!

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