4 inspiring videos that will make you travel

As I just finished writing a post about how to achieve your travel goals I thought, while that may be inspiring I should up the anti on it and create a post of a few inspiring videos that can get your travel juices flowing.

For me sometimes I am happy to not have to read about travel and instead just let some inspiring videos motivate me, so here are a collection of videos that will move you to become inspired to get out there and see how incredibly amazing our world is.


Facts that will make you travel

This has been put together by Buzz Feed and the title explains it all. When you see these facts you will understand that you want to travel and see the world. There is no reason you can’t either, so start setting your travel goals to work towards.


Time is nothing

This video is by Kien Lam who quit his job to travel the world. From it he created inspiring timelapses from 17 countries and put them together creating this.


10 trips you need to take in your twenties 

Before you get too old there are some killer times to be had at a lot of various destinations around the world. Great things that will be so much fun they will stay with you forever.


8 signs you have wanderlust

Is travel your thing, do you want to travel the world more than anything. Maybe you have some symptoms of wanderlust and need to get out and experience the world. Check out if you have these travel bug symptoms.

There are a whole lot of inspiring videos on travel out there, have you come across any that have moved you and what are they?

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