Kicking travel goals in 2014

So whilst a lot of travel bloggers have bucket lists and travel goals posted on their site I would rather keep you in suspense of what I want to do with the rest of my life. No, not really, I am just kidding. I am just too lazy to write out a whole list of epic things I want to do, especially because that list is not only ginormous. It’s also ever increasing and I mean not with just a few extra things I want to get up to each year. I actually add things to my bucket list as frequently as once every week or more!

So basically that is my sad sorry excuse to not have a published bucket list, there would be too much time spent adding and crossing things off.

However, since you have no idea what’s up for this year, lets start by getting you informed.

First things first, one thing to tick of the bucket list this year was my ever growing want to shred some fresh lines (for the rookies – snowboarding new snow) in Japan as it’s undoubtedly the best powder in the world! Check out the video here.

travel goals

Next on my list is to hike the Great Wall of China. Yep it’s a wonder of the world that I must do and since Japan is so close to that monstrous Asian country (that may soon control the world), I am going to pay a visit. However first things first when I get there I am going to invest in a gas mask to ensure I come out of Beijing alive.

Heading south from Beijing is Hong Kong and Macau, which technically are not on my bucket list. Macau hosts the world highest bungee jump, which is very high on the invisible list (pardon the pun). And whilst there, yea a visit through Hong Kong won’t hurt, unless of coarse I am super strapped for cash by then (chances are high) as I hear that city can be expensive. Oh yea a heads up for this, whilst I am not at all worried about skydiving, bungee jumping has me a little terrified so watch this space for the ‘scream like a girl/poo-ing my pants’ GoPro footage.

travel goals

Southward again after cleaning out my underwear of course, I will be heading back to the Philippines and this time to have some real fun, which will be my 3rd hit list item to scribble off. Swimming with the whale sharks! Hell yes, I am super excited about doing this, as well as visiting a few of the 7,000 stunning islands in the Philippines.
I was going to wrap it up there but I suppose you should know that I am going to visit the Island I have been longing to visit since I first learnt to surf, HAWAII. Yea, that is also high on the list and will finally be crossed off in June after I visit home (Australia) for a month.

I don’t know how extreme your lives are and if they are not, well good because not everyone can be an idiot like me. Although everyone should have a bucket list which they are working towards, ticking off items as they go.

So now that you have seen mine, lets see yours. What’s high on your list and what are you getting up to this year?

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