Why I am NOT lucky to travel the world

“You are here for how long . . . ?”

“You have been to how many countries . . . . ?”

“You mean to say you’re not going home for how long . . . . . ?”

“Oh you’re so lucky you can do that”

Pllaauugghhh . . .  It makes me sick when people spew that misleading rubbish from there trap holes.

I am telling you, I am not lucky because I travel the world. Is Steve Jobs lucky because he developed Apple? Is Richard Branson lucky because he has built an empire? Really, did they just get lucky . . . was that it?
I can only travel because I really, and I mean REALLY want to. Its not that one day I had super rich grandparents that left me squillions of dollars.

No, that’s not it. That certainly didn’t happen and for the odd occurrence that it did I would rather have my grandparents around (alive) than to “be lucky to have inherited squillions of dollars to travel the world”.

Fact is, you don’t need squillions of dollars. You don’t even need thousands of dollars. People like me are travelling on next to nothing. Actually if you had no money at all it is possible to travel the world for free! Don’t believe me, then you should couchsurf or check out these other cool tips.

Anyways, I am not saying that you should just drop everything and take off, because travel is not for everyone. But for those of you who think people like myself are lucky to travel the world. All I can say is. That because I travel the world I am not lucky.

I got here the same way you could, if you wanted to of course. Just by working a normal job you can do it. Earning an honest living and putting a little bit of paper in my bank account each week was all I did. No get rich quick schemes or super leveraged investments and etc.

Now, I can hear some of you coming back with a rebuttal to the words I have dribbled into this post with comments like; ‘Yea but you live in Australia’. Well I have to hand it to you, yes I was brought up in Australia and in that way I am very, very fortunate. Anyone who is brought up in a western or European country is fortunate to be able to have the opportunity to get a job and make some sort of living.

However every single person that has said to me “you are so lucky” is either a westerner or European and that is exactly why it makes me sick. It makes me sick because I know that these people are earning enough money to do what I do. However they make the same old excuses; They either don’t have enough time or they don’t have enough money.


Did you know that if you were to save just $100 per week, which is possible for most westerners and Europeans, you would have $5000 saved by the end of each year; imagine that, and from Just $100 dollars per week.

So, before you skip to conclusions when you hear about people travelling the world or ticking off things from their bucket list. Have a good hard look at what you are spending your money on. Do you really need to spend that $100 per week on alcohol, new clothes or what ever it is you think you need that is outside the essentials of food, water, accommodation and transport.

Who else feels the same when they are told they are ‘lucky to travel’? Especially when they can be almost certain that those people making such a statement, can do the exact same but instead choose to complain that they can’t.

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