Japan snow, the BEST in the world – video proof

When I first started travelling with my mates, every now and then we would come to each other and say “Dude, I just had a moment”. We would then chuckle at each other, but we would both fully understand what just happened and what it meant. A time where you just stop to take it all in. To know you are in a magical place somewhere completely foreign in the world and truly appreciate being there, right there in that present moment and what it took for you to get there.

I had been dreaming of this moment in Japan for three years. I knew the day would come, where I could hike up the mountain board in hand, look down over the land, take a deep breath in and have that moment. I appreciated it all, especially the next 10 minutes of awesomeness I was about to experience.

It was waist deep champagne powder. That real up on the north island Japan shit that gives me goose bumps just thinking about it. Even now whilst I sit here in my dorm room on the base of the mountain typing this very post I get shudders of excitement. Its the best the world has to offer and I was there, ready to strap in and drop. That’s it, that is what success feels like and I enjoyed every millisecond of it.

If you are a skier or snowboarder and a complete powder hound, hungry for the deepest driest powder in the world, then look no further than Japan. If you have not been here yet, get here! Honestly every time I describe how incredibly awesome and fantastic this place is I can’t go past using the words dream land. There were many times I got up on the mountain here after a solid dump of snow and I would snowboard past a few trees up high on a ridge before dropping down into just this absolute fairy tale of dreams.


Riding the backcountry in Niseko, Japan

If you are thinking that this is the first time I have ever experienced snow, because of the insane adjectives I am throwing down here. This is far from the case. I have previously boarded seasons through Canada and America, along with Australia, which is nothing to brag about, but I have been boarding for a few years now and never have I experienced anything like this. To add to that, every person I speak to from various places around the world with plenty of snow experience tell me Japan has the best powder. Just take my word for it you powder hungry hounds and head to Japan to reward your mouthwatering snow buds on the most epical powder on earth.

Want to know more info on visiting Niseko, Check out me post “How to live the dream doing a season in Niseko, Japan” or visit Ski Japan for other info.

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