Why everyone hates Aussie travellers

It’s sad but true, we Aussies are creating a bad rep for ourselves globally. Our rep is becoming more and more renowned as the wild, we don’t care much about anything lets do what we want and party hard type attitude. I am not pointing fingers here (well maybe a little), but it’s mainly the younger Aussies for the plain and simple fact that we really don’t realise how privileged we are to travel. Which means we don’t respect the places we travel.

For any of you who have been to Kuta, Bali in Indonesia will understand what I am talking about. But that is not at all the sole place where we have a bad reputation, and the more places I travel the more I see this.

This bad rep, it’s not like we want it. It’s just that we don’t even think about the repercussions of our stupidity. I mean if you are on a holiday or a trip you are going to maximize your fun in any way you can right, which is acceptable.Aussie

However, us Aussies are wild and we do LOVE to party. We party so hard that often we don’t even realize the affect we have on some people, places and the cultures that we visit. Obviously the younger you are the the more pronned you are to care a little less. A typical obnoxious Aussie tourist stereotype will get drunk, party and not let anything or anyone get in the way of their fun, and its not like we are discreet about it either.

I for one can’t say I am no angel. I once participated in drunken shenanigans, hell I was probably  an instigator some of those times. Which I too probably never even thought about what I was doing and how it could affect the locals for the sheer fact I was a little ignorant. However, I quite quickly smartened up and was able to travel much more. This is when I began to look from the outside of what was going on and understand what I and a lot of others were doing.

You don’t need to get pissed out of your brain to enjoy a place, most of the places around the world are exceptional enough without drinking. But a lot of Aussies are too ignorant to even care, and the more this happens the more people there are from all around the world that see this sort of behaviour. Which clarifies (to them) that Aussies are just wild, obnoxious idiots.

With all this rude behaviour, it can be typically devastating as such terrible behaviour can radiate from one Aussie tourist to the next. Causing a great destination to become destroyed by a high influx of obnoxious Aussies.

As I said before too. This happens all over the globe, not just Bali, Thailand and the ski hills of Canada. It’s totally global, we are earning a reputation that is not quite acceptable in a lot of places.

For instance I was in Germany trying to get into a campsite to which we weren’t aloud, for the fact that I was with 3 other mates and our van was our home. They had already had such bad experiences from other Aussies living out of vans at their campgrounds that they banned us, yep banned!

Obviously I am not against a great time and partying, however there is a time and a place for everything and walking the streets drunk, partying, spewing up and pissing in public is not acceptable in our own country, so why should it be anywhere else in the world?

So if you are an Aussie going on a trip, by all means don’t totally hold back from your fun nights. But be prudent with your behavior as soon enough we will be excluded from a lot more places. It is not fair to gain a reputation like this that will be more universally known for what type of people we are when we get on the piss (drink).

Have you seen such behavior like this around the world too? We would love to know your thoughts on this matter so please feel free to share in the comment box below.

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