23 WTF facts about China

Their are many ways to describe China. Big, rich, poor, next to control the world, hot, cold, stunning, filthy, ancient and in some parts new. Fact is though China is at times an amazing place to visit and he who travels their shall make up their own mind whether they either love, hate, like or dislike.

Although before you do embark, here you can acquire some real facts about China that will leave you with think WTF, enjoy.

  1. Over 4,000 Chinese are named Aoyun which means “Olympics” – I don’t know about you but I would hate my parents if they named me Aoyun and would change it as soon as I knew what my name meant.
  2. It’s no joke the Chinese do eat cat, 10,000 of them are eaten per day in just the Guangdong province.
  3. The worlds tallest Man and Woman (unrelated) live in China – yeah, they come from where majority of people are below the average height
  4. On average about 34 children are born every minute in China! Now that’s a lot of humping going on, especially considering how hard it is to become pregnant.
  5. Some people’s jobs are to be professional fart smellers and can earn up to $50,00 per year! Is that not the biggest WTF ever?
  6. They have dwarf theme park. Yep its called ‘Kingdom of the little people’ where many dwarfs dress up, dance and sing – I mean don’t get me wrong I think that is a little funny/odd/cute but isn’t this a little discriminative?
  7. When Mao came into power there were so many suicides that people were actually too worried to walk by high rises, for the fear of someone landing on top of them. Now that’s crazychina
  8. China has an internet addiction rehab. It is run in military style and costs around $1300 per month but it actually works with a 70% success rate. Wow there must be some crazy as hell internet surfers in that clink, but imagine the cool things they would find. Maybe I should source some of them to work for me . . .hmmmm.
  9. 45 billion chopsticks are used per day in China
  10.  Researchers wear Panda suits to fool the other pandas; they do this at the Hetaoping Research and Conservations Center to minimize contact with humans who prepare the panda cubs for the wild. How would you like to wear a panda suit to work every day?
  11. Wealthy people in China hire stunt doubles to serve their prison sentences for them. Whoa . . .  someone’s job is to go to jail, in china? No thanks.
  12. Ketchup (tomato sauce) originated from China from what used to be pickled fish sauce named ke-tesiap. I am glad it evolved into tomato sauce, I can tell you that much.
  13. The Chinese smoke shit and they don’t even know it. It’s true; they smoke on average 2.2 trillion cigarettes, of which some 400 million are fake containing, some nicotine, carbon monoxide and sometimes human feces and insect eggs.
  14. What makes that last fact even more disgusting is over 50,000 cigarettes in china are smoked every
    smoking in china
  15. Over 35 million Chinese still live in caves
  16. Fortune cookies are not traditionally from China, they were invented in San Francisco in the 1900’s
  17. There is a baby born ever 30 seconds with a birth defect in China
  18. On average 1.7 million pigs are consumed every day in china. That’s a lot of pork.
  19. In China someone has the name “@” for which 2 parents in 2007 struggled for a name and they settled at, well @.
  20. The Chinese love their ping pong. It is the most popular amateur recreational sport in their country with about 300 millions players. That’s about 10 times the amount of people who live in Australia!
  21. Facebook is banned in China. Along with Twitter and the New York Times.
  22. 50,000 dogs were slaughtered in 2006 because three people were killed by rabies. Owners were offered 63 cents each to commit the act of killing before the authorities were sent out to beat them to death. Yes even in front of their owners while walking them. Pretty gnarly for just 3 deaths out of a population of about 1.2 billion at that time.
  23. 100 million people in China live off less than US$1 per day

Now what are your thoughts about China . . . . ?

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