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I have a bad habit and I want to change that. I am always posting selfies of what i have been up to around the world along with inspirational quotes and travel photography from my gallivants.

However I am never throwing them up on the blog which is not so good for those peeps who are not connected with me on Instagram. So here I am starting to throw up the most popular shots from Instagram in monthly recaps for you. However if you would like to see them, I would be stoked for you to just by checking out my Instagram here.

So without babbling on too much, here it is the monthly Instagram april recap;

instagram april

Here is a selfie from my time in Oslob, Cebu in the Philippines. The water was clear, the sun was out with the weather and water both warm. I was in paradise in that moment as i had so desperately wanted to swim with these amazing beasts as It was a bucket list item in which i had to tick of. This picture for me is a great way to reminisce the confirmation of ticking off the list. The full post and video is to come so watch this space, trust me it is worth it, I am just excited thinking about it 🙂

instagram april

Haha well this one is sort of bitter, sweat, funny and a disappointing all in one. It was great to hike the Great Wall of China and also sleep on it however my 5 day solo feat for hiking it was a little ambitious. Especially after I got caught and escaped an asian prison sentence which also made for a great story. This too is coming and is going live shortly so either watch this space for that or connect with me on my Fan Page where I post links when articles go live.

instagram april

Theres not much to say about the above. I created this simply because I love the quote picture and I also was a little tired of seeing people work their asses of their whole life, especially through their youth which they will never get back.

instagram april

Freediving whilst Island hoping just off Alona beach in Bohol, Philippines I was able to navigate my way to turtle point and hang out with these guys for a while. I was lucky enough to have the whole point to myself along with my 2 Swedish backpacking mates I made. If you didn’t notice Philippines is incredible and definitely in my top 5 countries list, my advice go there!

instagram april

After leaving Japan in april I had a lot of great shots I loved. Japan is amazing and here is a shot of a bird hanging out in the Cherry Blossom (Sakura) tree in Tokyo. This tree only blooms for a period of a few weeks in spring and if you are lucky enough to be there at the right time you can be awed by its beauty.

instagram april

Lucky last and this one is for everyone that has a thought, a dream, a goal or something that they believe is to hard to achieve but really want it to happen. I meet too many people who are always wishing their life away and not actually doing what they wish. Don’t be that person, take action. Sure its the hardest step to take but once you do you are on the road to achievement and thats where you want to be instead of wishing you were there.

I hope you enjoyed the Instagram April recap. May is going to be even better, although to see all the shots and get to know me a little better, jump over to Instagram and start following for more shots and inspiration.

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