Is Japan the greatest country in Asia? What 3 months in Japan says

Is Japan, not the greatest country you have visited in Asia?

Well this is a super tough question and the answer really depends on what you think is great. I mean if you love delicious food, incredibly polite and nice people along with a quiet and respective culture that you can learn a significant amount from, then sure yea, obviously Japan is the greatest Asian country you could ever visit.

Which is exactly why I feel ever so privileged to have spent an amazing 3 months in Japan. I also think that it was a great decision for me to max out my 90 day visa in the places I did, for I still left plenty of untouched territory to discover upon my next visit.


You now may be thinking, how on earth could you of spent 3 months in Japan and not cover just about everything?

Ahh, well you see, the more you rush things the more you miss.

I will repeat that for you just in case you are speed reading. Much like it is in the case of life, the more you rush, the more you miss.


So basically I was best utilizing the little time I had to truly enjoy the best Japan has to offer. Along with making friends, learning about the culture, eating some of the nicest food my palate has ever encountered and snowboarding my brains out.

First up I spent a good amount of my time, just under 2.5 months, snowboarding in Hokkaido. Here is where you can be surrounded by some of the world’s best powder (snow), so, of course I couldn’t fast track that part. Which is why I lived in Niseko, made some great friends and had some of the best snowboarding days of my life. If you love winter, snow and an awesome time you should definitely check out the video of how incredible snowboarding in Japan is.

As the season in Niseko was wrapping up I took to the cities to experience more food, meet more wonderful people and get snap happy by taking some photographs of this beautiful country. I spent a week in Tokyo, 4 days in Kyoto and 3 in Osaka.


All very different cities where I enjoyed Tokyo for its wide variety of things to see, Kyoto for its chilled out vibe, rich in Japanese culture and Osaka for its popular shopping streets and most of all the nights out I had with my couchsurfing host.


With all that I experienced in Japan I can say I learnt a lot from that country and am forever grateful to the people who made my time there so enjoyable. So this post is to them, thank you all so very much, you know who you are.


If you too are looking to visit Japan, be sure to check out my post on how to see Japan on a budget among many other helpful posts about Japan you can find on this blog. And for those of you who have been to Japan what was your favorite thing you liked about it?





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