READ THIS every day & you WILL achieve your travel goals

You know that list of things you keep in the back of your mind that you really want to do, but never end up getting around to doing?

No, not like cleaning the windows, washing your car or the gardening . . . as I’m pretty sure these are things that you don’t want to do.

If your still racking your brain well stop!

Take a moment and just concentrate on what you, yourself, would really like to do.  If you’re still not sure what I am talking about yet, it’s that list full of things you tell yourself you will do someday. Yea that one!

Well I have got some disturbing news for you.

Someday is NOT a day in the week and no you will never end up doing what you want if you keep it in the far back of your brain, where it is to easy to forget about. Back there at the back of your brain, those thoughts will eventually fade so much they will become nonexistent, and that is a scary thought. Why should you forget a list full of things that you want to do more than anything?

travel goals

You are a dreamer right, c’mon don’t say no. We all have dreams, goals, needs and wants, and that’s a good thing. 

What’s not a good thing is that you may be having trouble actually transferring those dreams into reality and for some of us that can be a very hard task to do.

But now that you have come across this awesome article and with a headline like, “Read this every day and you will achieve your travel goals”, surely you are going to finish reading and finally get closer to all your travel goals, right?


I’m sorry to say but you won’t at all get just a little bit closer to achieving those far away travel goals of yours.


Like any goal though, the bigger it is the harder it will be to achieve.

Now I am not saying it’s not achievable, because it is, but the process will take longer for you to get there, however in saying that it will be the sweetest moment ever.

Ok so now instead of just talking the talk, let’s start to walk the walk.

So in order to walk the walk you need to turn off your music, shut down your computer, grab yourself a piece of paper and a pen and lock yourself in a room for 10-20minutes without writing anything, just thinking about where you want to go in the world and what you want to see and do.

Once you are ready start writing down that list of things we call a bucket list. Read that bucket list, believe in achieving that bucket list, think about actually doing each thing on your bucket list and most of all tell people about it. Tell people what’s on it, the more people you tell the better. This may be hard for you to do, but once you do it, it will help you to work that much harder towards actually starting to tick things and places off that list.

Now for the hardest part, don’t let that bucket list go. It is easy for us to slip back into a busy routine where the wool gets pulled over our eyes and that bucket list becomes less and less visible every day. Until one day we are 55 years old, about to retire and realize we have actually not even been to those places we desperately wanted to go to, and that’s a sad, sad thing to happen to anyone.

travel goals

So we don’t want to let that happen. Take action, take action by working towards ticking off that bucket list and the way you do that is by reading it every single day to remind yourself about what you need to do. By keeping that bucket list in the forefront of your mind you will start to tick it off and then, when you do get to 55 you will be able to smile and say “I am glad I read that bloody list so many times”.

You will be moved so much that when you come to tell your grandkids the tales of your travels, you will help them create their very own bucket lists.

Having a bucket list is a very important list. Choose wisely what you do with it or you may never get to do those things you always wanted like climb Mt. Sinai, dive the red sea or snowboard japan.

Just because I have placed out these steps in this post, to help you to achieve these goals doesn’t mean I am Gandalf the Gray. Everyone knows this process, we all know what we need to do, but the thing is we never end up dong it. This is the hardest part. So look at your bucket list, read it every day, put into action what you need to and soon enough you will achieve your travel goals!

Here’s to your future travels, may that journey of yours be the trip of a lifetime.

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