How travel makes you richer

“Travel is the only thing that makes you richer”

This is one of my all time favourite quotes defining that, travel makes you richer. Many people will get trumped up on this, especially those who are not travellers. They will probably be thinking to themselves, what does it even mean and how could that even be right? Travel makes you rich, surely not?

Their thought process would involve thoughts about all types of money producing investments. As we all know, buying a business or a stock in the right market at the right time in the right sector can make you plenty rich. Richer than what you could imagine if you manage to get it right. And yes I can see where this thinking comes from as most people define being rich by having a lot of money or assets.

However the meaning of this quote “travel makes you richer” couldn’t be further from the subject of money.

Travel makes you richer in ways that you would never even realize until you have travelled, in the true sense of the makes you richer


The more you travel the more you learn and the quicker you gain knowledge than in any other way. Scrap the schools, Universities, colleges and tutoring. Compared to travel what you learn in those institutes is insignificant to what you will learn with just a backpack and an around the world ticket. Not only is education from travel a million times cheaper, it is a millions times more fun, a million times more rewarding and more importantly can open up a million more opportunities for you.

The knowledge you gain as you travel can’t be taught in books, unlike the education that you may be brought up to believe you should have. When or if I have kids they will not be institutionalized into a society which is lead to believe that developing an education for a career is a life skill. They will be sent out into the world to learn more important things, like the real art of survival, which you learn when you travel. It is one thing to get a job and a place to live, which is easy to do, once or twice or three times throughout your life. But when you travel you often learn to do this every day, every week, every month. You need to find food, shelter and most of all entertainment outside your friendship group.

Because you learn skills that cannot be taught in regular schools, with the world and its cultures being your teacher you can gain knowledge in such a diverse way too.

Life skills

Becoming rich in life skills can only be done through travel and the more you travel, the more you learn. Just like if you were to go to one school, then one college which is closely followed by one career path or one job. Hell yes you are going to learn, however once you have succeeded in those goals, this is where your mind stops developing. Unlike the traveller, their mind is continuously stimulated; gradually learning from each unique experience the road throws at them. If they don’t know what they have to do, which is just about every single day mind you. They must learn, teach themselves things like, how to cook different meals in different ways, how to navigate and the hardest one of all, how to communicate in the many places they will venture around the globe.


Someone who has relocated their lives to different cities and towns will know this feeling to a certain degree. They will have close friends in one place they lived and will make friends wherever they move to next. Which is much like the traveller, however the traveler is so rich in friends they know people from all over the world. They can go to a new country each week and catch up with a friend that they have more than likely shared such an awesomely unique experience with as they met on the road. Their life is constantly catching up with friends, but not at the same place each weekend but over all corners of the world.

Travelers have done this so many times they are now experts in making friends, which is why they are abundantly wealthy with friends everywhere they go.


How do you become rich in communication? It never occurred to me that someone could possible see this as a value that can be measured. But that is far from the truth for travellers are also the wealthiest in this area too, and why? Because they are constantly learning different ways to communicate from language to language to bowing, hand gestures and many varying ways depending on the culture they choose to be surrounded by. The more they communicate the better they become at understanding, which also comes from listening and interpreting. If you don’t know what someone is trying to tell you, you are going to try and understand more clearly, which is a technique every traveller grows with the more people they listen to throughout their life in many different countries.


Travelling teaches you to value things, which I believe is the most important skill anyone could learn in life. If you want to be happy in life, then learning and seeing the value in things is an art you should set out to master. When you travel you become rich in this by understanding the true value of things. You notice that materialistic things are just possessions that people hold as being of high value to themselves, as they paid a lot of money for them.

But to the traveller they see past what dollar amount that something is worth and replace it with its real worth. Travellers see the value in time spent in places compared to time spent trying to grow their bank account.

Travel makes us rich in many ways that we wouldn’t believe until we actually sit back and realize how rich we truly are. And because I can travel I feel blessed for being one of the richest persons on the planet. In the comment box below please share with us the ways which you think travel makes you rich?



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