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I had just gotten off the plane from Beijing and by this time, to be honest I was done with cities. I had been to 4 famous cities in the last 3 weeks (not including Hong Kong) and all I wanted to do was go and explore somewhere quiet and away from societies crowds. Not that I don’t love you all of course but I was done with overcrowded areas.

However that didn’t mean I just gave up on Hong Kong all together. The city is better than I had expected it to be and it is small enough to walk just about everywhere. I walked from the main part of Kowloon to Victoria harbor in about an hour and that was leisurely for me. To properly check out all the shops maybe 2-3 hours and it’s a great walk if you like shopping. Well HK all together is great if you love shopping because that’s basically all it is, shopping, big high rises, lights and lots of signs. And I mean lots of signs!


Sign me up in Hong Kong

The buses are awesome too, they are clean and they can get you anywhere. You can also use the ferry or the metro, but I just stuck to the buses, they worked perfectly for me. If you get lost and need help then just ask someone. Most people there speak English and they will help you out. Upon arrival in HK, MAKE SURE YOU GET A MAP at the airport. This is a must do for any place you go, they are free and will help you to not just plan your days, but help you get to the tourist hot spots in case you get lost.

Whilst there I was able to see something I had wanted to see for a long time, which of course was the Symphony of lights. It’s a light show you can view from the harbor where all the buildings on Hong Kong Island light up and perform a show to music. It’s actually quite cool to see how much effort all these buildings had gone too, to program it.


The Symphony of Lights in Hong Kong

Another must do thing that I wanted to check out in Hong King was the famous view from the peak. It’s called Victoria Peak and it is up one of the mountains in Hong Kong, where you can overlook the whole city and bay. The view at any time is quite marvelous and to be honest I preferred the view by night. To get up the peak you could walk, although it’s an almighty hike and quite steep, which is why most people catch the “peak tram” up there. Don’t be surprised by the bombardment of tourist shops up there selling souvenirs, ice creams and all sorts of things, as it’s over the top (pun not intended).


From the Peak by night in Hong Kong

Just across the water from Victoria Peak is the Avenue of Stars, where you are able to view the Symphony of Lights. Here the avenue pays tribute to many outstanding professionals of Hong Kong’s film industry and is quite popular. Along the avenue you can also access Museums, which cost a small fee to enter.


Bruce Lee along the avenue of stars in Hong Kong

One thing you can’t pass up if you pay a visit to Hong Kong is shopping. It is renowned for some of the best shopping in the world, where you can get great deals, for great gear. One of the most popular areas which you should get yourself to is Tsim sha Tsui or Mong Kok which is just north of Tsim Sha Tsui but much cheaper bargains.


Mong Kok shopping area in Hong Kong

Personally I liked cruising around on the buses over the bridges to get to different parts of the city, for during day and night you are able to see stunning views. One thing I do recommend if you head to Hong Kong is to get yourself to Macau via ferry. Over there you have one large casino area, which they say is like Vegas. My favorite thing to do there was the world’s highest bungee jump, and you can see the video here. But also, the casinos are nice, one of the more famous ones named The Venetian actually has a canal inside the building that wraps around its perimeter, quite impressive I thought.

Spending a few days in Hong Kong I did make it to the beach, however, if you have already seen beautiful beaches or are on your travels to see beautiful beaches in different places, don’t waste your time on these as they are not really world class.


From the ground up in Hong Kong

But basically for me Hong Kong was just another big city which I found didn’t interest me a whole lot, despite the views it provided. Although you shouldn’t judge the city based on my opinion, as I know many people really love it. Like the famous quote states “To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries” – Aldous Huxley

So please, I would love to hear in the comment box below on why you either liked or didn’t like Hong Kong?



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