Popular shots from Instagram recap of May with Aus Globetrotter

Not so many selfies and a little more inspirational this month around. Peeps have been loving the inspirational quotes and I can’t blame them, who doesn’t like to be motivated and inspired right. Anyhow on the Instagram recap of May I haven’t got all that much more famous this month around with only a few more followers, however it is on the rise although realistically the numbers don’t bother me. What matters most is through what ever I post I share the feeling of wanderlust that people can take on board and eventually go and fulfil their own travel goals.

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Without having to type a whole lot of nonsense as your really here to see the pics, here they are;

Instagram recap

This is one of my favourite shots ever of me having fun with the locals. I was in the Philippines and just made friends with a beautiful bunch of travellers from all over the globe who loved the water, diving and everything adventurous much like myself. So on this day we went Island hopping for one of the girls birthdays and pulled up to an Island, ate lunch and had an absolute ball chilling and playing with the locals. A great time I shall always remember in one of the most beautiful countries I have ever been!

Instagram recap

There is no denying that I too love my inspirational quotes and sayings and this one hits home for me as I am a firm believer in it’s message. Sure its a question, however what most people don’t realise is, it’s really not too much to ask for. Because if you really want that lifestyle or which ever one you choose, you can have it, but you just need to want it bad enough.

Instagram recap

Basically a traveller who goes out and sees the world, what it is, who’s in it, whats happening and where, is going to have their mind stretched with all the astonishing things they will learn. Being new experiences they learn bigger and greater things about the world allowing their mind to be stretched to keep absorbing more and more. One of the greatest things about travel is subconsciously learning every single day.

Instagram recap

On the bucket list this year, no wonder this shot was apart of the Instagram recap for May. I headed to the Philippines specifically for this and it was just as marvellous as I had imagined, maybe even better! Here I swam by myself head to head with this 12+ meter monster. Called Butanding (in the Philippines) meaning whale shark, I was fortunate enough to spend a solid hour in the water getting to know about 7-8 or more of them.

Instagram recap

More from Japland where I spent 3 months in the beginning of the year. Here is a shot of the Imperial Palace Bridge in Tokyo, Japan. There are many free great sites to see in Japan and the Imperial Palace is certainly one of those.

To end it up there. I hope you liked the Instagram recap of May and should have some more popular shots from the month to come.


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