How to survive on a budget in Hong Kong & have fun

Are you poor like me, do you need to travel on the cheap and eat out of the dumpsters too? Oh I mean eat cheap food that belongs in the dumpster. Ha I’m kidding, I’m kidding! I would never stoop that low and neither should you as i have some tips for how to survive on a budget in Hong Kong , spend your money wisely and have fun.

By now you would have guessed a budget in Hong Kong might be tough as it is a little more expensive than mainland China, and if you didn’t already know, well sorry to tell you the sad news. Even though, technically Hong Kong never used to be a part of china, it was run by the United Kingdom (up until 1997) and we all know how damn expensive it is in Britain.

But hey c’mon really it isn’t that expensive when you compare it to the likes of some western countries. So if you are going to visit Hong Kong, suck it up because you know what you’re in for, an empty savings account when you leave.

Ha, just kidding, unless of course you are a shopping addict. But in all seriousness though, you can do Hong Kong on a budget and it is a lot easier than I imagined. If you stick to these mind blowing budget tips you came here for.

P.S – They’re not really mind blowing, but more a factor of common sense.

budget in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Art Museum down by the Avenue of stars

I will start off with transport, as the first thing you will need once you take your initial steps out of the airport. So buses are the cheapest and there are thousands (just an estimate) of them and you can catch them to basically anywhere you need to go. But before you leave the airport grab yourself a map so you know where it is you want to go around the city. Most buses you just get on and pay upon entry. My TIP here is, make sure you have HK dollars and the correct fare, because you won’t be getting any change back! And I’m not kidding on this one.

budget in Hong Kong

Hong Kong markets for bargain deals

All right, so now you are getting hungry and its time to get stuck into the food tips. Here yet again it is not as cheap as the rest of the country but is cheap enough at about $5 per meal in some places. Again if you want to wine and dine in luxury then you probably have too much money to be browsing this website, but enjoy your $40 lobster. Also if your looking for good eats but cheap, check out this article on Hong Kong’s top 10 budget restaurants.

You can find a lot of cheapish restaurants that have decent food, just look around to find something that appeals to you. Don’t walk into a restaurant that has zero customers however, you don’t want to keel over from food poisoning. You may be able to get street food in the more northern parts of Hong Kong but in the CBD I can’t remember seeing anything.

budget in Hong Kong

Apartment blocks in downtown Hong Kong

Accommodation is most likely to be what will set you back the furthest, so if you want to save money on this be prudent with where you decide to stay, as some places are over the top expensive and some places are . . . well, decent. Hostels are from $20-$40 and hotels can be from $60 per room and up. I myself couchsurfed which is my number one option most of the time, so if you want to try that, you can (click here to learn more). Personally, the cheapest place I could find was called the Chunk King Mansion, which seems a little dodgy entering into it, however, I didn’t check out the rooms so they might be fine.

Now that you know how to survive on a budget in Hong Kong, check out this post on what to see and do in Hong Kong which are basically all free!

Remember when you are trying to save money on your travels; the three most important things you will save on are transport, food and accommodation. Which are also the most important things you need in life, the rest such as spending money on seeing things, well splash that around like it aint no thang! Because, chances are you may never be in that city again, so see as much as you can while you can.




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