How to use Facebook in China for travellers

Oh what! No Facebook in China, that’s fine I don’t need to go there anyways.

TRICK! You should never exclude something because of Facebook.

Facebook isn’t the only site that has been banned in China, there are others such as Google Plus, Twitter, YouTube and the list is longer than you would imagine.

facebook in china

I know crazy right and you want to know why? Well there are a whole lot of different reasons and theories, but basically it’s because, if the Chinese government can control what information is put in front of its citizens, it’s much easier to control those citizens. If you have ever been or are going to visit China you will, or would have seen how controlling their government can be. Being from a western country and moving to China, I now know would be a very frustrating life to live there at times, because their government is well hmmm, how do I put this in a nice way, over controlling.

However, don’t let that put you off travelling to China, because it is a great country to visit and there are many cool things to see. But the Facebook thing, well, yes it can be annoying if you are an addict (although most travelers use FB to let family and friends know where they are, and what they are doing). But you should still never let something get in the way of your travel plans, especially something so insignificant.

Even if accessing Facebook is important to your business, like it is for myself as I blog, that shouldn’t stop or hinder you either. There are always ways around it and I found out some of the best and easiest ways, which you can see below;

Using a VPN

A VPN or a Virtual Private Network is something that allows you to access a private network through public networks. So basically, if you are in an area/country such as China and you can’t access a private network such as Facebook, by using a VPN you will be able to access it. For example, when you use a VPN you can log in and you are then able to select your destination from which you want to access a particular web site (like FB). So without getting too hi-tech for all you peeps like myself, by using a VPN you can basically trick the server to believe you are (or your connection is) somewhere else (for example the US, when you are really in China) and you can then access whatever sites you want. Pretty bad ass right; and what is even cooler is there are some VPN’s you can use without having to pay. Most of them have a monthly fee rate, however I researched some that are FREE!

The best and easiest and one which I use is called Tunnel Bear. You can download it on your laptop or even onto your mobile device and it gives you a certain amount of free GB which you can increase if you spread the word about Tunnel Bear through a Tweet on Twitter.

facebook in china

There is a diverse range of other FREE VPN’s you can choose such as Private Tunnel, HotSpot Shield Free, Okay Freedom VPN, Cyber Ghost, and JustFree VPN however I stuck to the good old trusty Tunnel Bear. The choice is yours.

Using a Proxy

A Proxy is a website usually based in a different location than where you are, for example in Australia or the US, while you are in China. Which means wherever your proxy is based you can access whatever sites you are legally allowed to from that location.

Proxy servers are often getting blocked by the Chinese government however here is one that is best to use for accessing Facebook while you’re in China or for a list of some other free ones you can use also

Download a Tor Browser

This allows you to access Facebook in China, along with other sites. The way in which this works is that when you try to connect to a website through the browser the information is passed around between a various number of relays all over the globe that bypass restricted sites and firewalls.

This does work, but I would leave this as your last option for it isn’t as effective as the VPN or the Proxy because the load time is very slow. Although if you are stuck you can download a free Tor Browser at or

Now, here is a word of warning though and of course, my own little disclaimer.

If you are going to access Facebook or any of the other banned sites in China then just be warned it is illegal to do so. Not that I know how they could find out and prosecute you as there are so many people doing it and therefore policing it is quite hard. However, it is illegal and now to cover my butt again, I will not be responsible for any actions you take, this article is just a suggestion and for general advice if you need it.





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