Bohol Island adventures you MUST do in the Philippines

If you have never heard of the Beautiful Bohol Island in the Philippines, get your bucket list out because wow! This Island packs a punch.

I had heard of this place and had seen a few stunning photographs of the scuba and free diving that can be done here, however I didn’t know too much about it at all. Even on my long ass journey here consisting of 3 ferries and 4 bus trips, I kept on hearing of more and more amazing adventures and things to do on the beautiful Bohol island.

bohol island

Driving through Bohol on our Adventure to see everything

Thankfully its not the largest island and majority of its attractions can be done via day trips, or you have an option to move from place to place and enjoy it more thoroughly.

For us though and basically every traveller it is more feasible to stay in one location, meaning less carting your gear around, finding rooms and all that kind of fun stuff that travellers must deal with. We chose to stay in Tagbilaran, which is Bohol’s main city, where the ferries come in and out off and a lot of accommodation is available here too.

bohol island

The Tasier, which is technically not a monkey, mighty cute though

What to see and do in Bohol

We took a 1 day adventure where we were able to see most of the tourist attractions on Bohol. Again it was cheaper for me to befriend a few travellers and see if they were interested in hiring a van between us, making it more cost effective to hire a driver/guide to take us on a journey around the island to all the cool stops. If you have a group it’s always cheaper and if not, as I did, go make some friends, it makes the trip more fun and a lot cheaper.

Our first stop was to the Chocolate Hills, which is one of Bohol’s main attractions. Although personally I thought it was a little over rated, I mean sure it was cool but the hills weren’t very chocolaty and instead green and flourishing with grass and plant life. I think I was a little disappointed because, and without my head swelling to much, I have seen my fair share of stunning mountains views which kind of set the bar quite high on this one. However, if you go, don’t look past seeing this because it could have just been that the time of year was wrong to see it in all its glory.

Bohol Island

Chocolate Hills in Bohol

Next on the list was to visit Tasier Monkey, which has been dubbed ‘the worlds smallest monkey’ however it’s technically not a monkey although it looks like it, it’s really classified as a Prosimian. The Tasier is one of the smallest primates, reaching no bigger than the size of a human adult male hand and usually they are active at night hunting for food.

After which, lunchtime hit and we were taken to a buffet lunch for just 200 PHP ($5) where I was introduced to a cute little 5 month old baby monkey. It was strange because I am not really a big pet person, although this guy was about to come home with me, literally he wouldn’t get off my shoulder for a good 30-45 minutes and was happy to just chill there and play around. We got some great footage on the GoPro and camera which you can see below.

bohol island

Myself getting up to some monkey business with this cute little terror and the camera

Moving on from there we checked out the reptile enclosures where I saw the biggest snakes I have ever laid eyes on. The monster pythons weight about 250kg and I struggled to get just their heads off the ground for a picture.

bohol island

The Spanish settlement statue in Bohol

Making our way back to Tagbilaran we stopped by the 2nd oldest church in all of Asia. What was cool about this church is that it was built from coral. You could see how they built it, which was quite fascinating to see that was even possible back then. And just down the road from there was another important part of Philippines history. The Bohol Tribute Statue, erected as a tribute to the second settlement in the Philippines by the Spanish in 1564, a blood compact between the Pilipino’s and the Spanish. .

bohol island

The 2nd oldest church in all of Asia made from coral. Yep coral

That ended our Bohol adventure via car as we were dropped back to our accommodation, however, that was not the end for Bohol as we grabbed our gear and headed to Alona Beach for some world class island hopping. You can read more about this beautiful part of Bohol here.

bohol island

Monkeying around again


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