Hong Kong photography – through the lens edition

Again when it comes to cities, well there is no denying that they just aren’t my place. But to get to where you need to to go such as Macau for the worlds highest bungee jump, I had to go through Hong Kong. And to make the most of it I cruised about camera in hand like any place I visit to snap up some Hong Kong photography.

In this version of ‘through the lens’ I couldn’t help myself but plaster a lot of my shots into this blog. Because you as a fellow traveller know what its like sometimes. You can walk around all day without needing to turn your camera off leaving you with way and I mean wayyyy too many photos.

Yep this is exactly what I did. Shot after shot after shot. So I here I am sharing them with you now. No, not every single shot because truth is majority of them were crap and I probably shouldn’t tell you that, but hey we have to start somewhere right.

So here are the ones from Hong Kong that just passed the test and I allowed myself to post them on the blog for your viewing.

Hong Kong photography

Over towering city of Hong Kong


hong kong photography

Signs on signs on signs


Hong Kong photography

Victoria bay Hong Kong


Hong Kong

Hong Kong Clock tower


hong kong photography

Little car on the Avenue of stars


hong kong city

Night time walks in the city



Don’t photo unless you pay here in Honk Kong


HK skyline

HK skyline


hk fish market

Over at the fish market in the burbs


ave of stars

Another un-opened food vendor along the avenue of stars



The Symphony of Lights in Hong Kong



Ground view Hong Kong



Battered doorway in the burbs



Hong Kong night skyline from Victoria Peak












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