Best travel Instagram photography of the month

This month was big on the travel Instagram front as Aus Globetrotter blew up! With 5000+ followers now and plenty of likes & comments each photo, Aus Globetrotter is stepping it up. This month there was no theme with purely just shots I took from all over the world. Next month I am looking to do a Hawaiian theme as I am there right now and loving it. So stayed tuned for that and I hope you like these top 5 travel instagram shots for the month. travel instagramHere I am obviously in India at the Taj Mahal, but what I like about this one is that I literally just woke up, walked about 400m from my hostel and was right here in front of the Taj for this beautiful sunrise. I was travelling through India¬†with a buddy I made in Varanasi (the holy city) and we were so lucky to score such a picture perfect day as you can see. My advice when traveling to see the Taj Mahal is get up early for the sunrise as there is less people and its such a surreal experience you won’t ever forget. travel instagramYea, yea I know. Another shot of myself, although I am alongside a buddy of mine in this one. We were in Split, Croatia at our camping ground which backed on to this stunning coastline hosting a nice little jumping platform to dive and jump off. Here I am teaching my mate Cameron to backflip and besides his pocket inside out, he is a natural. If you have been to Croatia you would know the delights of seeing this coastline, if you haven’t yet been . . . Go! travel instagramThis is my favourite for them month even if you guys don’t agree I can help but love it for so many reasons. The first would be the quote. This is not only my favourite quote but my life moto. Yep I have a fear of getting to a certain age and not having completed everything I ever wanted to do and see in my life, and so I have to do it right. Life that is ūüôā The next reason is because this shot of myself brings back so many great memories. Memories of repositioning my life to Dahab Egypt for 6 months to do nothing but scuba dive as i had no idea what I wanted to do with my life other than travel. Which actually lead me to starting this blog, but thats another story for another time. Travel InstagramThe Great Wall of China is one historical thing we should all get the time to visit in our lives. I had the chance to get there during April this year to snap a few travel instagram shots for you guys. There too is a blog post on the story of how I managed to escape Asian prison for sleeping on the Great Wall of China. One thing i should say before you read is, don’t do anything illegal in China, because that sh*t is scary! travel instagramI had to throw up some shots of one of my favourite countries in Asia and this one is from Fushimi Inari in Kyoto, Japan. Climbing up the mountain at Fushimi Inari you are surrounded by these big beautiful red Tori Gates. This for the Japanese¬†is a very spiritual place and somewhere you should most definitely visit whilst in Kyoto Japan.

Well thats a wrap ¬†for this month. For everyone who follows me, thanks for your awesome support and for those who don’t well check out the Aus Globetotter Instagram here

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