15 WTF incredible Philippine facts

These 15 WTF Philippine facts will have you shocked at the size and development of this country, despite its un-developed status. As I traveled though the through this incredible country I learnt some Philippine facts that really blew me away. These wtf facts Philippine facts have taught me a lot about the country and played an important role for me in why the Philippines is one of my favourite countries.

  1. The Philippines is made up of 7,107 Islands and hundreds of volcanoes.
  2. The Philippines is populated with over 90million people and grows annually by 2% making it the fastest growing populated country in the world.
  3. There are 171 actively used languages and dialects in the Philippines.
  4. Karaoke was invented in the Philippines (that’s right, not Japan).

    philippines facts

    Mt. Mayon, one of the Philippines largest active volcanoes

  5. About 80% of the total population in the Philippines are Catholic.
  6. The Philippines is the worlds largest supplier of expat nurses.
  7. In the Philippines it’s not considered good manners to open your gifts right after receiving them.
  8. Manila is one of the worlds most densely populate cities in the world with over 43,000 people.
  9. The country is known as the “texting capitol of the world” with and average of 350 to 450 million text messages sent daily.
  10. After world war II the Philippines was the first country to gain Independence, which was in 1946.

    philippines facts

    Islands upon islands on the Pilipino horizon

  11. The worlds largest bat lives and can only be found in the Philippines it’s wing span is 1.5m wide and can weigh up to 1.2kgs. They are rare and endanger fruit bats called Giant Golden-crowned Flying-fox.
  12. The Philippines is the world’s number one producer of coconut.
  13. Three of the worlds 10 largest malls are located in the Philippines.
  14. There are more than 200 Volcanoes in the Philippines.
  15. Despite being an undeveloped country the Philippines has a literacy rate of 97.5% meaning 71.5 million people out of 69.8 million aged 10 and over can read and write.


philippines facts

A stunning sunset in Donsol, Philippines

As you can see the Philippines is a very much established country, their second language is English and majority of their population is educated. Being from such an amazing place myself (Gold Coast, Austrailia), I still believe the Philippines is one of the most tropically picturesque countries in the world! If you think you are missing something by not going. Well you are, do yourself a favor and book a ticket.

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