Alona Beach island hopping with dolphins & turtles

I have spent my entire life growing up beside some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, on the Gold Coast, Australia. However the Philippines is incomparable when it comes to amazing beaches, they have over 7000 islands, of which I only went to about 10 and I am scared to think of how many stunning beaches they actually have!

alona beach

Mr turtle captured on the GoPro

This is why, when I get the opportunity to go island hoping off Alona Beach, one of the most famous beaches in the Philippines, whilst also interacting with marine life such as dolphin, turtles, stingrays and coral fish, I jump at the chance.

Alona Beach is a small little place in Bohol, Philippines. It’s on an island named Panglao and is fast becoming a tourist hot spot. On a one day island hoping tour you are able to go dolphin watching first up in the morning which is very cool! There are hundreds of them breaching for air. If you can though, try to get out early to beat the other boats out there for it is much more spectacular without a crowd.

alona beach

Island hopping

Next up you will head to Balicasag Island for snorkeling, where the reef is littered with beautiful coral. Although be careful, your tour guide will try and tell you that you need to get a boat out to the reef from the island and charge you extra. This is not needed as the reef is only about 30-40m off shore and you can easily swim that distance. However you will need to pay the environmental fee that is required.

On Balicasag Island, there is also Turtle Point where you can swim with the turtles. This was not part of our trip and as I wanted to go there, I was again told I need to take a boat, as it is much too far. However I just walked up the beach about 300m or more to get there. If you can’t find it or don’t know where the turtles are, just ask friendly locals which is what I did. I was also stoked this was not part of the tour because I was the only person in the water and I got to swim with the turtles solo, which was quite a phenomenal experience and I recommend doing that if you can. Again be cautious, if you are not a strong swimmer (even though it’s not very dangerous) it might be worth going with someone just in case.

alona beach

look there’s Mr. Turle

Shortly after Balicasag Island, I had to make my way back to catch our boat over to Virgin Island. This is one of the most picturesque islands I have ever been on. It was like one of those magical islands that you see in magazines, the type of Tropical Island that you envisage when you are having that crappy day at work. Yea, I know, hard to believe those places exist right, but hey, they really do. It was truly heavenly and we were lucky enough to chill there for the remainder of our tour as the day was quite condensed.

If you are heading to the Philippines and want to see these awe-strikingly beautiful islands, then an Alona Beach island hopping tour is what you can’t miss out on.

alona beach

A anemone fish (yes that’s Nemo)

If you are interested in going island hopping here you will not fall short of finding somewhere or someone to do it with when you arrive. I must warn you though, do not book in advance because you will get ripped off. Upon making your way to the main strip in Alona Beach you will be approached by people selling these island hoping tours and here is where you can get the best deals. At first they will seem very cheap however these guys who sell them to you are smart and they know if you have only just arrived. So take you time to pick whom to go with and for what price. My biggest tip is ask at least 2 people their prices to compare and even more if you really want to score a good deal.

Even if you don’t go to Pangloa and decide to visit somewhere else in the Philippines, please make sure you go Island hopping. There are many great places to do it all around the Philippines and I can tell you now you will see some of the best beaches of your life!

As they say #itsmorefuninthephilippines

Alona beach

It’s more fun in the Philippines

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