Awesome pics of Hawaii in the July Instagram recap

The theme for this months Aus Globetrotter Instagram recap is Hawaii and these pic of Hawaii are really going to show you the fun side of Hawaii and what cool things it has to offer. My trip to Hawaii with my two best mates had been booked for over 9 months and as i arrived home from my big 6 month stint of  travelling Asia, it was time to get back out there for more adventures. And if there is any place abundant with fun and exciting adventures it is Hawaii.

pics of hawaii

Most of my shots from Hawaii are from my GoPro, and come to think of it they are probably even better than what I took from my actual DSLR camera (not that I have even looked at editing them yet). However, yes this is one of my favorite GoPro selfies that I captured on a morning where there was no surf. Here I was at Shark Cove on the North Shore in Oahu. This morning I got to swim with 4 different turtles that were so humble and not people shy at all. This little guy was happy to just cruise around and have a leisurely morning swim, which was fine with me as I went snap happy. Definitely one of my favorite pics of Hawaii.


pics of hawaii

This selfie is myself with the famous surfing pig over on Oahu, his name is Kama the surfing pig and he is actually quite a hit on instagram himself! How I ran into this little guy was for the 4th of July celebrations that were going down in Hawaii that are ever so popular every year in America. For the celebration a lot of people head out into Honolulu Bay on floatation devices, boats, surfboards and anything that can keep them above water and throw a massive party. Its actually really, really fun and myself and a few mates paddled out and I stumbled into Kama the pig and that’s how we become friends. I know right, quite bizarre, but it was a great time.


pics of hawaiiHere is a shot also from my GoPro showing you exactly what the 4th of July floatilla celebrations are actually like in Honolulu Bay. This is one of those pics of Hawaii that will always stay in my mind for the great memories and times myself and my mates had out their with the great crew of Hawaiian’s and Americans celebrating their special day.

pics of hawaii

I love this one because it’s actually not even me front and center but my best mate along with myself on the right and my other best mate to the far left. This trip was a long time coming for us three and our first ever time away all together. As you can see cliff jumping from a spot just south of Hana in Maui we were having an absolute ball. One of the best pics of Hawaii with all us three in it really loving life. If you go to Hawaii, make sure you go cliff jumping, its not only super fun but the water is amazing.

pics of hawaii

As you can tell by now, we love our cliff jumping and everything to do with the water. This is why Hawaii is our haven and we are in our element right here. This shot is again by GoPro looking up from the landing spot at the famous spitting caves cliff jump. A 15m cliff jump out into the ocean off a cliff on the south shore of Oahu. This can be a dangerous cliff jump depending on the swell, so kids be careful people have been known to die.

I don’t like to leave on that note, however in these pics of Hawaii I am sure you can gather Hawaii is an utterly amazing place I believe everybody should visit. Especially ocean lovers and hikers for its beautiful volcanoes and mountains. My advice, if you haven’t been go!

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