Swimming with whale sharks should be on your list!

If swimming with the whale sharks doesn’t sounds like fun to you, then obviously you wouldn’t know fun if it smacked you right in the face with a raw fish!

whale sharks

These beasts really are the gentle giants of the ocean, the biggest fish in the sea! They are super chilled out, so much so that they just cruise leisurely about, eating all day at what seems like a snails pace for a fish of that size and strength. But this is not the reason I have had swimming with whale sharks so high on my bucket list for a very, very long time!

Ever since my career in scuba diving started back in 2010 over on a little island that sits out in the Caribbean by the name of Utila. Which most backpackers will be nodding their heads in approval, knowing where and what I am on about when I drop the name Utila. It was on this little island, while I prepped up to get my dive certs, that people were telling me that they saw whale sharks every day they went out diving. Then, I get in the water for my first dive and they have flocked off haven’t they.

Of course, my eagerness and excitement to swim with whale sharks was built up from stories by my fellow dive buddies who had already had these incredible experiences. So, to swim with the whale sharks was placed high on my bucket list and I knew the Philippines would be the place to do it. I had already had a previous experience swimming with the whale sharks further north just 2 weeks prior to this awe striking experience and that was in Donsol. However swimming with the whale sharks in Oslob, Cebu easily takes the cake and by a long shot.

Whale Sharks

The water visibility in Cebu was just unmatched allowing you to see for what seemed like forever. It was like being dropped into a gigantic freshly cleaned fish tank with dinosaur fish that would never think twice about eating anything larger than a snow pea.
However, be warned there will be a lot of people, all eager to swim with the whale sharks as well. So, if you are a good and confident swimmer, my advice is to get the hell away from the tourists and swim solo with the whale sharks further out. This is definitely what you want to be doing, as I did, and for me it was one of the most amazing things I have ever, and I mean EVER done! Although I am not all for boasting and I try my hardest to stay modest (despite all the stories on this site), I have been to, done and seen my fair share of cool things in my short 26 years. But honestly this whale shark experience is wayyyy up there, and you have to go and do it.

Whale sharks

If you love the ocean, diving, snorkeling and marine life, than get your ass over there and go swimming with the whale sharks before you get back to work and forgot that these sorts of amazing things can even be done.



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