Travel sex stories & why they mean nothing

I have always kept the travel sex stories to myself (and a very select few friends) because it’s obviously not something I could/would ever write about on the blog. I mean who would want that image on the virtual world, every body knowing what you are like in the sack, that’s kinda scary. And for those of you who do write about your travel sex stories, well I take my hat off to you for being either incredibly brave, considering how judgmental people can be, or either for being incredibly naïve.

But for those who blog about their travel sex stories, I can also honestly see why. It’s because that’s just what people wanted to read about, right. There is a market there for those who want to read about these sex stories abroad, as it gives them a chance to live those fantasies through the writer. I mean don’t get me wrong everyone has their own likes and dislikes and no matter what text is thrown out there onto the world wide web its going to get read and there will be people who eat it up!
travel sex stories

It’s just like this very blog for example. I write about my travel tales, tips, advice, how to go and see places for free and all that kinda stuff and there are those people who read it because that’s what they want to know. They want to know what type of adventures are out there and the hard thing for me is knowing that some people read the blog because they can’t travel themselves or believe its far too hard.

That’s what kills me, knowing that basically anyone can do what I do because I am no more special than you and that’s the truth! The same goes for the people who want to read about those travel sex stories, its kind of sad because they too, can go out and create their own sex stories abroad. Yes that means you too, whether you are a little over/under weight, short, tall or have freckles you can still go out and do it. But you know why most people won’t? Because they fear that its too hard, and they are right, it will always be too hard unless you go and find out for yourself that it’s really not, once you put some effort in it’s very possible.

Although before you drop everything to go out and get laid overseas, I want you to know its really not everything you may perceive it to be or exactly like those twisted sexual fantasies you have been reading about on someone’s sex blog or from a filthy porno mag. Sure sex is great, and I am not playing it down like its some kind of boring act that should never be performed because that’s far from true. We should all fuck and enjoy it, but that should not be your sole reason to sex stories

People often get my reasons for travel mixed up, and every time I come home all they want to know is, how many people I slept with, when, what country, where they were from, did I pull her hair, was she Asian, African American or white and what number was she on my overseas sex tally list?

When I get hit with these questions I am severely let down. Not because they think I am/could be some Casanova and take down all the ladies when I go away. But because I know that if they were to travel that’s what would probably be the highest on their agenda. Finding girls to sleep with, like as if there is nothing in this world more impressive than getting laid abroad and taking home those crazy sex travel stories to their sex stories

Sure mostly everyone that travels has those kind of stories, but for the greater part I hope that is not the sole purpose they actually travel. Especially when there are so many amazing things to see and do on this incredible planet. And whilst hot exotic sex in foreign places is also one of them we should never get our priorities mixed up on what else there is to offer in this beautiful world.

What are your thoughts on this matter? I know there are a lot of people out there who travel and also get swamped with questions about their sex travel stories. I would love to know your opinion is and how you deal with answering such questions in  the comments box below.




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