My adventure to the world’s largest underground river

Not only did this intrigue me because it had officially been dubbed a new World Wonder in 2012, but because this world heritage site was literally just across the water from me in the Philippines.

Palawan, it’s one of the best islands to visit in all the Philippines, out of the amazing 7,101 islands that this country consists of. This is why it had to be added to my bucket list as I said farewell to my Swedish travel buddies in Cebu. Palawan welcomed me in warmly to start adventuring the west coast islands of the Philippines.

largest underground river

After arriving at the Puerto Princessa airport, I took off into town to find myself a decent hostel. After finding a bed, I quickly hustled my way around town to book a spot on a boat to see the famous new World Wonder, the Puerto Princesssa Underground River. Thing is, because this is becoming so popular, it’s not something you can simply arrive in town and just go and do, you need to book yourself a spot, which caused me to have to wait a day and even then I was luckier than most to jag a spot the following day. Have a look here to find how to book a spot online.

largest underground river

The next day I got up bright and early to be picked up from my hostel, to go and meet the group with whom I would spend the day tripping to the new wonder of the world, the largest underground river. As with any day trip group tour it was not just a trip to the underground river, which is what I would have preferred. As per usual, we took two breaks, one being at a place where you can go on a flying fox adventure and the next stop was for lunch, which was included as part of our package.

The buffet lunch was great! I love Philippino food and right after that is where the excitement began, we caught our boat over to the entrance of the world largest underground river. Here we were waiting for our turn to board another boat and take our trip with an assigned tour guide who described the cave as we cruised through. It was baffling how high the roof was in some spots, that had been created by the tides over time.

largest underground river

Like most tourist attractions the underground river wasn’t as easy to get to as you’d like and I understand this because they want to preserve it and look after what they have. That being said it really is amazing! As you paddle 1.2 km’s up the river you start to appreciate how phenomenal the cave formation is. The river is accessible by boat up to 4.2 km’s up the river, however, tourist are not allowed passed 1.2 in order to preserve the cave.

This cave is quite significant and unlike any other in the world. Not many people even know this place exists so I highly recommend checking this out if you are ever visiting the Philippines.

largest underground river


Next on the list in Palawan Philippines for me was Island hopping in El Nido, check it out here to see the video and for more.

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