How to stop chasing your travel dreams & live them

It’s a scary thought isn’t it, to never get to travel.

Would you be worried if you could never achieve your travel dreams? Or better yet are you worried you will never travel?

If you have a certain degree of wanderlust then you should be worried. Because the longer you keep putting off living your travel dreams, the harder it is going to be to achieve them.

travel dreams

Its actually quite sad that although a lot of people believe that ‘one day’ they will eventually get around to achieving their travel dreams or doing what they want most, for most it will never actually happen.

I said it’s sad because I know a lot people who say this, I know people who have lived a life of ‘one days’. People who I used to meet at work, people I meet when I travel, people from all over the world in all different countries from all different cultures. People who get to a ripe old age and to that stage of life I like to call ‘pissed at 60’.

Pissed off that they kept putting off their travel dreams, their life goals and everything that they wanted most. I meet these people regularly, people who eventually had the brain snap, the moment of enlightenment and realized there is more to life than a 9-5, paying bills and living the life everyone perceives they will be happy with. And the funny thing is, that all these people I have met, that all have similar stories and who are on the road to changing their life. They are all saying the same thing. They should not of kept putting things off and leaving it all on the ‘one day list’

Which is exactly why you need to stop saying ‘one day’. One day I am going to see the pyramids of Giza, or one day I am going to sky dive, do the worlds highest bungee jump, swim with whale sharks, and snowboard down a mountain or learn to surf will just not cut it.


You’re not fooling anyone but yourself. We all know that ‘maybe’ means no and that ‘one day’ means never. You need to take those two words out of you vocabulary and listen up.

Next time you are about to say, ‘one day’ I will go and see the world. One day I will go somewhere amazing, one day I will travel somewhere beautiful, one day I will hike that mountain, swim in that sea and take courageous adventures that most people won’t and achieve my travel dreams. Stop yourself.  Stop yourself because that perfect time, that ‘one day’ you are hoping for, is never going to come around.

You know what you have to do; you have to create that ‘one day’. No one else is going to do it for you, you need to set a date, book a ticket and actually get in the seat of life and be sure to buckle up. Because that seat that is going to take you somewhere you should of gone a long time ago.

travel dreams

You see, a lot of people become comfortable; they stop moving forward, stop learning anything and stop doing anything great in their life because they become satisfied. They go to work every day, to a job they don’t even like, a job that does nothing for them but pays the bills.

You see when you are not chasing your travel dreams you are merely just existing. You don’t feel alive, you have nothing to look forward to and it makes you feel complacent.

But when you have wanderlust, a travel goal that you are saving up for and looking forward to, you will venture out and discover that there is more to life than just existing. So when you next hit with that urge to travel, to go somewhere phenomenal, to live on the edge and do something you should have done years earlier, what are you going to do?

Will you put it on the ‘one day’ list never to be thought of again or will you take that opportunity, take that chance to live a life of awesomeness? Because the only person who is responsible the choices you make is you! It’s time for you to start making the right choices before its to late, ‘pissed at 60’ should not be an option.

Quit slackin, make those travel dreams happen happen!


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