What will happen if you never travel?

Dear Mr/Mrs Never travel

My name is Jaryd and I am your wake up call to life.

I have been in the travel industry for an extensive period of time and when I heard about your case of procrastination, I decided I would make it my responsibility to really help you out in choosing the best possible outcome for not just your happiness but your eternal well being.

Now although you’re case is unique and nothing like I have ever heard of before, there are a lot of insights I have picked up through my previous experience working with the countless number of clients I have helped in my time, who once would never travel. You see, we all have one thing in common. It’s a word us so called guru’s in the biz like to call fear. never travel

Fear, it’s an awfully ugly and evil thing, which, we need to try our hardest to re-train our brains enough to win a long enduring battle over. It’s not the easiest of fights, but it’s by far the most rewarding one you will EVER win. You see during that fight the strength of fear will always stand over you, but as you start to get angry and frustrated enough with it, eventually you will reach a point where you despise it and you won’t allow it to control your life. You will then be able to hold your head up high for you finally conquered that devilish monster we name fear.

For that you will be granted a special key. A skeleton key you could call it. No this has anything to do with cults, masons, stonecutters or anything of the like. This is a key that unlocks each and any door you wish to go through in life. The key that possesses you’re free will.

But you see, to re-train ourselves to win this fight against fear, we must first put it all on the line. To accept and realize that going into battle we risk it all, yea that’s right, its either life or death.

Because, to be honest, isn’t that is what we are all fighting for, to actually live? To live a life where we will be forever happy. However for most of us, we just don’t realize it yet. We become to jaded with distractions from what I like to call the funnel of society.

The funnel of society is what we are lead through since birth. The funnel that directs us into a life that we believe we should all be living. We are funneled from birth, to schooling, to a higher education, to a degree, to work and then eventually retirement. Which you and I both know is not at all a grand life.  Which is why I write this letter to you, for your own moment of realization. Is that the life you really choose to live?

never travel

You see, from all these distractions, not just work and study, but TV, social media, video games, the Internet, and dare I say some blogs. It is hard for us to allow adequate thinking time to comprehend what we really want to do in our lives. To stop and to think about what would honestly make us happy. Living a life without boundaries, a life of no rules or judgments.

This is why a lot of people come to me and say “I want to travel, how do I go about it?”

And to those people who I believe will never travel, my reply is always somewhat the same, it’s something that we all know we should do, its something you would have heard of before and it’s not that I love Nike, because to be honest I don’t. But I do use their powerful message every time, which is ‘Just do it!’ Why make it so complicated. If you want to go and travel, then GO!

Don’t let those fears of yours stop you, because when you allow that to a happen, it will continue throughout your entire life. One day you are going to wake up and realize that you never got to do what you really wanted to do. It’s not that you can’t do it, because you can and you know you can. It’s that you are scared to do it and that’s the dream stopper right there. If you honestly want to travel, you will go out and do it.

The thing is, we don’t realize that if we never pack up our bags and never travel we will be robbing ourselves of that life. That’s right, robbing ourselves of new friendships, cultures, sights, tastes, sounds and experiences. Experiences that will last for a lifetime, once we have that key we attained after that harsh battle against our fears.

never travel

To never travel at all in your life is not just a shame, but a disappointment to your own life. It’s as though your own worth is not valuable enough to grant yourself that ever important sense of adventure, self discovery and experience to travel and live.

So to you Mr and Mrs never travel, I will let you ponder on what will make you happy, what you have to do to get there and how to overcome your fears of achieving that. Because in the end, we only have one life and the only way to have a great life, a life worth reading about is by creating it. So get out there and start creating!

Yours Sincerely,



Aus Globetrotter





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