Why adventure is the most important education

Why adventure is the most important education

There are a lot of reasons behind the importance of adventure. However, it is essential that you first acknowledge that it’s not just an activity you engage in over the weekend. Being adventurous is a lifestyle.

Adventure is the active pursuit of challenge and change. It can be accomplished through unusual and exciting means. And it could be something as simple as trying out exotic dishes or as complicated as learning an exotic language.


Adventuring up Mt. Warning in Australia

Most people regard adventure as an option – something they could postpone or refuse. What you should realize is that it is actually a rite of passage and as the definition implies – an inevitable part of life.

One of the most prominent benefits of going on an adventure is that it helps broaden your horizon, which every traveller knows well. It shows you possibilities that you never even knew existed and it stretches your limitations. It’s also very easy to assume that you’re only going to see certain things or are capable of certain actions when you stay within your current reality. Adventure gives you the opportunity to step outside of that into a new one so you can explore your potential further.

Secondly, it allows you to expose yourself to a world of education. Whether its practical knowledge like “Why it’s cheaper to travel than to stay at home” or personal ones like “Why ‘finding yourself’ travelling will never work”, adventure exposes you to all kinds of knowledge. With this, you could better your approach on life and start to make a lot more intelligent decisions.



Solo hike along the Great Wall of China adventure

Speaking of which, it should also be noted that adventure also makes you more responsible. And even though it may seem far-fetched initially until your are bitten by the almighty travel bug, adventure also helps you to become more mature and open minded about things. Like road tripping around Europe or Bungee Jumping in Macau that requires a lot of planning. Planning that forces you to take a good look at the details of the trip and the more you do this, the better you too become at anticipating needs and solving problems. Along with that, you also become more confident at weighing options and managing obstacles, thereby making you more equipped to handle life in a general sense. It’s called common sense, which these days actually doesn’t really seem to be quite common.

Adventure also makes you braver. It assists you in getting over your fears of uncertainty and encourages you to appreciate the outcomes of spontaneity. Without having experienced adventure, you’d probably panic at the thought of getting lost or being alone.

Finally, with adventure, you are able to discover yourself more. You get to unplug, unwind and unshackle yourself from the burden of expectations and just let your real self out. It’s easy to lose yourself in work and bill payments, especially when you start to grow up. But that’s the thing, why do you want to grow up, adventure is what keeps you from getting trapped in that quick sand of societal demands and allows you to open yourself up to the world. In doing so, you get to figure out who you are and who you want to really be.


Yes, adventure can be expensive and time consuming and it can also be a little dangerous even with proper precautions. But as the list confirms, it does have a lot of positive contributions. It is important that you don’t disregard the experience and just take it at face value. Make your adventures unique and personal, and embark on as many as possible. After all it is one of the greatest educations you can give yourself, to not only learn about yourself but also life.

Where in the world or what adventure did you take that taught you something valuable?


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