Why cheap travel insurance is a huge risk

Traveling has its own pros and cons. The pros are pretty sweet but the cons can often outweigh the amount of positives quite quickly in some instances. And while it is advisable to perpetuate a positive mentality, it wouldn’t hurt to avoid downplaying the risks and prepare for them. After all, you could lose your stuff while traveling, lose your way, lose your limbs and even lose your life.

It pays to have a contingency plan in place. But cheap travel insurance might not get you the kind of protection you need for the common adventure curveballs you’ll face whilst travelling the globe.

Cheap travel insurance may not acknowledge your claims.

It might even dispute it.

And in the event that it does agree to pay, it might ask you to jump through hoops or wait a year before things get settled.

cheap travel insurance

This is not what you want to happen. And even though it is not routine for you get caught in a hailstorm or break your arm whilst snowboarding in the Swiss Alps, it would be a smart move for you to get an insurance plan that affords you these advantages:


  • Coverage for Baggage Loss or Damage. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come close to losing my luggage during overseas trips. And I know you’ve heard numerous horror stories about It too. There are plenty of places and scenarios during your travel experiences that you may face the possibility of misplacing or breaking your precious cargo. With the best travel insurance, you’d be able to guarantee yourself reimbursement for the cost of the loss or damage. Avoiding cheap travel insurance that gives you false hopes or delays settlements is an important thing to do.


  • Refunds for trip cancellations or delays. Whether it is your fault, the weather or the airlines, it is quite possible for you to encounter this type of problem while traveling. When this happens, it’s a great consolation to be refunded for the money you’ve spent or the trouble it has caused. Cheap travel insurance pay offs are just as cheap. So you might want to go for the more generous option.


  • Medical Treatment and Hospital Income. Generally speaking, travel insurance will take care of any expense you might incur in a medical emergency while traveling abroad. Cheap travel insurance might limit the coverage though, so you must see to it that you get all the right perks for the right price. The last thing you want is to be treated badly for an injury or ailment somewhere you don’t have connections or bank accounts. Or for that matter you can’t afford to loose your health as my friend in Egypt did after a simple fall down the stairs, to which brain surgery and damage has occurred changing his life forever.


  • Personal Liability Payments. Of course, nature’s not the only fickle element you need to watch out for when you’re traveling. People are just as dangerous, especially if they’re strangers. You could even be a threat to your own safety in certain situations. Cheap travel insurance doesn’t usually take up responsibility for these unpredictable factors so it is crucial that you get a plan that does. That way, if you get into a car accident, break something of value or become involved in an attack, you can pay for reparation or pay a lawyer to get you out of the sticky situation.


  • Emergency Assistance. For other unusual travel problems like being unwittingly stranded in a warzone or contracting a communicable disease, where travel insurance can be a great comfort. A good one could make arrangements and have you sent home at your behest.

Don’t let these uncertainties keep you from exploring the world though. If you do things right, it is possible for you to steer clear of the usual downsides. Think of travel insurance as a safety net just in case your expectations don’t match reality (in which case, you must get a sturdy one). It’s better to be safe than sorry. And it is best to be left with a memorable story to tell than be deprived of the opportunity.

cheap travel insurance

Stay safe out there no matter your adventure. Who else has a travel insurance horror story like my friend in Egypt who nearly died?


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