8 countries where backpacking is expensive

Backpacking is expensive in only a small percentage of the world, but boy is it a thrilling way to explore the world. However contrary to popular notion, it can be quite a burden to pursue, especially if you’re not used to roughing it up. Or backpacking is expensive for those who exhibit a high standard of living. As such, you may have to save a few extra bucks for a trip to the following countries:

England. You can never go wrong with visiting the home of industrialization, William Shakespeare and the British monarchy. And with tourist attractions like Windsor Castle, the Stonehenge, Buckingham Palace, and Westminster Abbey, you’ll definitely have a grand time exploring this country from end to end. Backpacking is expensive in England though and you might have to spend at least $100 per night. Unless of coarse you wish to economize, much like myself to stay in hostels which are too over priced for what you get.

The United States of America -This is a no brainer considering how impressive this country is in terms of everything. And in spite of some states being more accommodating to tourists, generally backpacking is expensive here, especially if you are heading out to cities like New Orleans, Miami, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Washington D.C. You could actually spend as much as $251 per night in any of these premier destinations with its swanky restaurants, ritzy hotels, high-end retail stores and refined entertainment venues. However to do it on the cheap, look up coach surfing and give that a crack, I thoroughly enjoyed it and I met some amazing people along the way.

backpacking is expensive

The National Arches in the United States, where I was lucky enough to stop off at and check out

Austria -There’s a lot to appreciate about this country – the architecture, the art, the history, the hiking routes. But backpacking might not be a highlight you can count on here as it requires people to spend around $122 per night. What’s more challenging about this destination is that backpackers might find very few bargain options, especially when it comes to hotel or hostel rooms. The smartest move to make to get a roof over your head will be apartment rentals, like air bnb but that can still be quite an expense. Although do your shopping, you are bound to find something reasonably priced

Singapore – This Asian destination is a booming port city with a number of impressive highlights like Sentosa and the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. However, it is also one of the most expensive countries to backpack in, demanding about $100-200 per night from its guests. Much of it is due to the strength of its economy which correlates with the high cost of living in the place. Though there may be the occasional reasonably-priced food and hotel or hostel option, it will not be enough to preserve you through your journey on a limited budget unless you truly spend wisely.

Finland – Don’t let the economic crisis fool you into thinking that things have changed for backpackers in this country. Backpacking is expensive still in Finland and it’s mostly because of the food, clothing, entertainment and accommodation choices it offers. If you want to check this place out, you will have to prepare to pay top dollar.

backpacking is expensive

Never once have I posted a picture of home. Here it is though, the place I call home and love to come back to, I mean, how could you not right . . .

Australia – To be fair, there are parts of this country that give backpackers some wiggle room as far as expenses go. But Sydney will not be one of them. This city is home to expensive menu prices and room rates. In fact, you can shell out as much as $172 per night here and tourist activities won’t be relenting either. The Australian currency is strong in comparison to others. So if you’re looking to check out our Darling Harbour and its adjacent tourist sites, not to mention the Great Barrier Reef, you’ll have to be ready for a heft cough up of cash. Australia really is beautiful although it comes with a price and that’s not including the flight to get here.

backpacking is expensive

The beautiful city of Melbourne just 1 hour north of where I spent the first 10 years of my life

Luxembourg – In spite of it being small, this country demands an investment of $250 from its vacationers and backpackers. What makes it expensive are the food and hotel options made available for guests. You could actually spend between $15 and $70 on a meal here if you’re not into McDonalds and just shopping for a pair of pants will also make a dent in your allowance. It is strongly advised that you limit expenses to touring the Grand Ducal Palace, Bourscheid Castle and NemunsterAbbey when you’re in Luxemberg and maybe move on to another country the next day, say Germany or Belgium, after a couple of days to not spend it all at once.

Japan – Now, just because their currency is smaller, doesn’t mean the price to travel here is cheaper. Japan attaches hefty price tags on their food, transportation and accommodation. Tokyo, in particular, is quite expensive to backpack at $150 per night or you could bunk at a hostel for around $30. And even though you may find something affordable to eat or stay in, the options may not be satisfactory enough in terms of size, location and security. I found Japan to be the most expensive country in Asia!

backpacking is expensive

Backpacking through Tokyo sure did put a dent in my budget, however seeing places such as these was well worth it

Backpacking is expensive in other countries as well, particularly Switzerland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. However, it does make sense to invest in seeing them while they are still open to tourists. Such countries hold so much beauty and wonder that it would be a shame to miss them all because of a budget.


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