The best adventures in Oahu, Hawaii (video)

Without waves we created our own fun and that is where our adventures in Oahu started. First off I need to say, never decide to visit Hawaii, especially Oahu and Maui without hiring or having access to a car. You need this to see how many awesome adventures in Oahu there are to be done.

I know a lot of people who have been to Hawaii and just stayed in Waikiki, that is far from seeing Hawaii. It’s like saying you have been to a foreign country but only had a stop over there. You can hang out in Waikiki if you wish, but that place is just like any old city, except for the fact that it is a on a tropical beach (with hundreds of people).

Anyhow, that’s not the point. The point is there are so many amazing beaches and places in Hawaii than Waikiki, just so you know it really is worth finding transport, this will help you to get out and go on adventures in Oahu to see what Hawaii is really about.

Waimea Bay

I am sure a lot of people have heard of Waimea Bay, especially if you are a surfer. Here is a stunning beach with a few rocks scattered out to the ocean, a lot of people go there for the cliff jumping off these rocks. This is the main reason we ventured there and decided to get a few flips in and a tan while we were at it. Definitely one of the highlight adventures in Oahu.


Obviously surfing is one the best adventures in Oahu you can do, it is why a lot of people come here, to surf the famous North Shore. Although the North shore is not the only place to surf, when you have the likes of Wakiki, Sandy’s, Diamond head and the list goes on.

When you decide to pay a visit to get waves, during the winter months the swell is a bit bigger and generally through the summer the surf backs right off, which is when we visited. However you can get lucky as we did and score some waves on the North Shore and the South Shore too.

adventures in Oahu

About to jump off at Waimea Bay


I was told this is a must do in Hawaii so we booked it in for one of our adventures in Oahu. Luau is a traditional Hawaiian party or feast accompanied by entertainment. They hold a traditional ceremony of the un-earthing of the pig which everyone gets to eat for supper. The entertainment is amazing, from lots of music, dancing, fire twirling and plenty more.

I initially wasn’t too excited, although after I left I was more than impressed. I now agree, seeing a Luau is a must do in Hawaii and a great way to start a night off. I did a bit of research and found Chief’s Luau (which we went to) that offered a great price with spectacular entertainment, so check it out if you’re in town.


Everywhere around Oahu, just like most of Hawaii you can find reefs with plenty of sea life. One particular place is Sharks Cove, where we went early one morning up on the North Shore as the swell was too small to surf. Jumping in for a quick look we managed to see three turtles in less than an hour, quite an amazing place to check out.

Word of advice, you should try to get there early in the morning to beat the crowds. Another spot is electric beach and just south of there is a little cove with a pipe from the power plant. All around there is quite nice for snorkeling too. If you are to follow the pipe all the way out (ask locals) you will find the end of it to where there is a lot of water being pushed out, if you dive down and get in this current it is super fun to play around.


For the greater part of our stay we were always up early for our adventures in Oahu so partying didn’t particularly take prevalence. Although Waikiki is littered with bars, and towards the western end is where most of the big clubs are. We checked out a few places, mainly LuLu’s which is a popular place for dinner and drinks to start the night off, we then had the wrong attire for clubbing so cruised around to find other bars. We came across Nashville’s which is a bar where a lot of the US army hang out upon visiting. There are also a few nightclubs we heard about but never got time for, being (M) by Aloha tower which is supposedly really good, Addiction, Kelly’s, Yardhouse and Kelly O’neils.

adventures in oahu

Waikiki sunset on an arvo walk

Cliff jumping

Basically high on the list of our adventures in Oahu was to go cliff jumping at as many places as we could. One of the best we found was the Spitting Caves, it is quite a high jump and timing it with the waves can prove to be difficult, a few people have died doing this one, so if you are a beginner when it comes to cliff jumping, it might be worth giving this one a miss.

Another place which is quite safe, is up at Waimea Bay. Such a beautiful view and is really fun with different heights you can jump from, you can also swim back via the beach. If you have time you should also check out China Walls and Maunawili falls for cliff jumping too.

As you choose to visit Hawaii, you will find that the list of adventures in Oahu you can do really are limitless. Just remember though, jam pack your days full of fun, grab a source of transport and never count yourself short. Allowing for enough time to go out an adventure really is key because Oahu has so much to offer. To be honest, I need to get back there for another round to complete what I didn’t get to do. So get over to that amazing part of the world and enjoy it for all its worth!

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