How to backpack Maui on a budget

Would you backpack Maui for the right price?

When your best mate calls you up and tells you flights to Hawaii are going cheaper than they ever have at only AUD$299. You somehow stutter the words back through the line“B-b-b-book it n-nooowww!!” in disbelief and excitement because your chance to backpack Maui and Oahu has finally come.

After being high on the bucket list for years, we finally stepped foot in Hawaii and jumped on the nearest connecting flight to start our backpack Maui journey first.

backpack maui

Going for a dip at Honolua Bay, north Maui

As you may know Hawaii is not the cheapest state in America and that goes the same for all it’s provinces, Maui and Oahu alike. However being a budget backpacker and whilst I decided to backpack Maui I had no other choice to find the cheapest and most efficient way to travel around whilst never letting the adventurous opportunities pass.

So basically transport is a must when you come to Maui, you could catch busses, although if you want to see the best Maui has to offer you should choose to get around by car. The cheapest way to find a car that gets your from A to B without the cost of an arm and a leg is to really do your research, we found the cheapest deal here.

backpack maui

Our bad ass rental car that got us around Maui

Speaking of hostels, we (my buddies and I) decided to stay at The North Shore Hostel, for its ease of access to everything. It is quite central to everything you want to do in Maui and close to supermarkets and shops. You can check it out by searching here.

My advice would be to hire a van if possible and just stay in the van over night. There is plenty of space in Maui to park up somewhere quiet where you will not get disturbed.

When it comes to food, it is always worth trying some local food. My favorite we found is a place we ate was “The fish house” in Paia, they offer big meals where you will not go hungry, certainly great value for money. When it comes to saving on food, eat out of the supermarkets; they are always cheaper than restaurants which is a good idea if you want to backpack Maui for longer than a few days.

backpack maui

A stop we checked out on the road to Hana

Most of the fun things to do whilst you backpack in Maui are free, so you won’t need to fork out a whole lot of money on much else. To see the best 5 adventures to do in Maui, check out this post here.

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