4 best adventures to do in Maui

Travelling to Hawaii and want to know what the best adventures to do in Maui are?

Whilst my two best mates and myself were on a mission for the best adventures to do in Maui upon our short trip of 2 weeks through Hawaii, we put a list together of everything that you should experience before you leave the island.

Little did we know we could cover most of the adventures in Maui in just a few days. Although we do always like to keep our days as jam packed with adventure as possible. So from our fun time in Maui I wanted to show you what the 5 best adventures to do in Maui were.

best adventures to do in Maui

Another stop off on the road to Hana

Road to Hana

Visiting Maui and road tripping the road to Hana you will see Maui’s fight on overdevelopment. The road is a heavenly windy coast road that boast some incredible cliff drops and phenomenally beautiful views. It is possibly to take a van or a coach tour, although I recommend hiring a car and doing it at your own pace, which is what we did. There are so many places to stop and enjoy views, make sure you take your camera and swimmers. The Road to Hana should be high on your list when you decide to visit.

best adventures to do in Maui

Hookipa on the road to Hana

Halekala Crater

This is a massive volcano that takes up 75% of the island of Maui in total. Named Halekala by the early Hawaiians referring to ‘house of the sun’ was once over 13,000 feet high millions of years ago, however the summit today is 10,023 feet high. It is recommended to get up early to view the sunrise from the summit although with our busy schedule we couldn’t factor that in. But being up at that height and seeing it, I could only imagine the sunrise or the sunset to be marvelous, so learn from our mistakes and make sure you allow time for that.

best adventures to do in Maui

Way up on Halekala Crater

Surf (for beginners and experts)

Surfing in Maui is amazing in peak season; unfortunately we were not there at the correct time for waves. If you are a beginner or want to learn to surf, or are visiting in the off-season make sure you head to the break wall in Lahaina. If you are stuck for directions head to the boat harbor and paddle out in front of the break wall. Whilst here the surf wasn’t big, but there were a few really fun waves and with the mountains skyrocketing into the air on the mainland, it makes for a magnificent backdrop. For the experienced surfers, head to Hookipa when it’s small and Honolua bay breaks when it gets a little bigger. There are plenty of surf spots, but not being a local I feel as though I shouldn’t plaster these up over the net.

Cliff jump at Waioka pond (Venus pool)

Not really knowing this place existed until we got chatting to some locals on our trip south via the road to Hana. They informed us of the cliff jump and the venus pools which we were all for being young bundles of energy, looking for anything to jump and flip off. The locals around Maui are very kind so as long as you respect their island,  so don’t be obnoxious and strike up a conversation, you will be surprised how generous, helpful and knowledgeable they are.

best adventures to do in Maui

Cliff jumping in Waioka

But to get to Waikoa for the cliff jump and pools, head south and ask a local for the directions, as you need to jump a fence and walk down to it as it can’t be seen from the road. Even if you are not brave enough to jump, swimming and relaxing there is beautiful in itself.

So there you go, there are a lot of fun adventures to do in Maui. My advice is talk to the locals, be nice, ask questions, hire a car and see Maui at your own leisure. It’s a truly picturesque island that is waiting to be explored by you, have fun!

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