17 reasons you will never regret travelling

The reason I never regret travelling is largely attributed to the fact that it is my life’s passion. I actually feel horrible when I stay in one place for too long, I get itchy feed, mild depression hits, although its not a serious case with real doctors and medicine and everything.

However, I do prefer to be a student of the world and because I gain so much knowledge, it’s one of the main reasons I will never regret travelling or any time spent abroad.

There are obviously many reasons travelling is amazing, so just incase you are sitting on the fence and wondering if you should hop on over to the other side of the world ‘literally speaking’, here are 17 reasons you will never regret travelling

1. It is fun. Compared to playing computer games all day or watching Netflix at home, travelling affords more stimulating and exciting means to entertain yourself. And whether you decide to go white water rafting in Switzerland or hang-out in Disneyland, you’re sure to experience something enjoyable out of it.

2. It is educational. When you travel, you get to learn about history, different cultures, different languages, and a different way of life. Cumulatively, all of these lessons will help you to become a better person and a more adaptive one at that.

3. It broadens your horizon. It shows you that there’s more to see, hear, taste and feel in the world than just what you have around you in your comfort zone of home.

never regret travelling

One hot day in Egypt (Dahab) as I walked to the shops for the groceries

4. It is inspiring. There’s nothing like discovering the world in its entirety that makes you feel so blessed and grateful. Apart from having to never regret travelling, seeing different countries and talking to different people will make you never regret that you are alive.

5. It is something you can do anytime. You can never go wrong about the prospect of travelling at any age. And whether you plan it ahead of time or just do it on a whim, you can always count on the possibility of it being a reality.

6. It is inclusive. You can do it alone or you can do it with a mate, a group, a lover, a sister or a brother. You don’t have to be rich. You don’t have to have all of your limbs. The thing you can always appreciate about travelling is that you don’t have to fit a certain standard or limit yourself according to anyone’s expectations.

7. It is a chance to step outside of the box. You don’t have to keep yourself in that pigeonhole you’ve claimed as a life when you’re out there and that glimpse into the “what if” is something you will never regret about travelling.

8. It is freedom. Not that we are literally slaves of our existence but there are times when we are unwillingly restrained by our responsibilities. With travelling, you get to leave that behind and just bask in the now.

9. It could be a journey to self-discovery. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard people say they’ve found themselves through travelling. It may sound cliché but it happens. Seeing what you have and don’t have as well as what you are missing and being part of, can really put things into perspective.

never regret travelling

Another shot of Egypt when I took some time to explore the Ancient ruins in Giza

10. It is a chance to meet new people. Nothing brings strangers together than a common experience. Who knows, the people you meet on the road might end up being your closest friends.

11. You might even end up falling in love. I never regret travelling and finding someone interesting and attractive along the way. Though often times brief, that feeling of falling in love with someone makes the journey so gratifying.

12. With travelling, the rewards often outweigh the sacrifices. Don’t get me wrong. Travelling does have its cons. But more often than not, the returns on your investments here amount to more than what you would ever expect. You will never regret travelling especially if you make all the choices for yourself.

13. It could be a business jump off. As a good example to the previous entry, travelling could lead you to a lucrative idea. I started my brand and business out of my innate love for travelling. You could find something you could work on too during your travels or meet business partners who could help you create a comfortable life, everything and anything is possible when you put yourself in certain situations to allow things like these to happen.

14. It requires nothing from you. Travelling does not have to be done a certain way. There are very few rules about it to take note of. It is something you could develop, improvise or just make up along the way. Travel is what ever you want it to be, the journey, arriving at a destination, the conversations you make, the places you stay the busses you catch or the people you meet.

15. It will give you a sense of accomplishment, it pushes you to achieve your dreams and be the best you can be. When you go somewhere else, you’ll eventually end up doing something you’ve never imagined yourself doing. You’ll be somewhere you never dreamt of being. You’ll become a person you never even knew you could be.

16. It will change you. Count on travelling to give you a more heightened sense of awareness. This could lead you to a physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual transformation. Either way, with the a life education such as travel, you can guarantee change will happen and 99% of those changes will be positive.

never regret travelling

A shot I got out of the sun roof of our Cadillac in the US from our road trip back in 2010

17. It will allow you to live your life to the fullest. One to fifteen should be enough to explain to you why you will never regret travelling. However, travelling is not something that you should consider to be time wasting, nothing you do is a waist of time, so long as you want to do it.

Travelling the world gives you the ability to live out your wildest dreams, by seeing, tasting, feeling and creating a long list of memories that will not only allow you to never regret travelling, but allow you to never regret any single moment you have in your life because you can be assured you were living it to the full extent of how you ever so imagined.


Please travel, it will be the greatest thing you will do.


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