5 Myths why travel abroad is unsafe

Expect the unexpected, and then some. That’s what traveling overseas feels like, it’s also the exact same when you are at home apparently ‘safe and sound’. You too never know what might happen and that is just a part of life, which is no different to where you are in the world.

You see, although I have been back and forth so often on my travels, I don’t really feel as much fear towards my adventures as I do excitement. It’s something I have come accustomed to and along with that, the realization that you are neither safer at home than you may be trekking around the globe.

I know a lot of people come here to read the blog, and are still stuck with the thought of traveling as a little bit of risky business. But that’s the thing, there’s really very few factors to it that make travel abroad unsafe. Which is why I want to explain to you why those travel myths of how dangerous travel is just that, a myth!

Health risks – I’ve recently come across this article about a traveler who had a leech stow away in her nose after a trip to Thailand and as experienced as I am being in the tropics. The thought of this still sends shivers down my spine. However, these sorts of things can happen anywhere and especially at home. For example I was camping back at home only 1 month back and awoke during the night to pee when I realized I had felt a huge pimple on my forehead.

I thought ok I will get this sucker in the morning (nothing better than popping a juicy pimple in the morning right, don’t squirm girls you know it feels great), but that was until I had a gut feeling I should really check it out now. So I got my friend to shine the light on it and to my amazement I had a tick sucking on my delicious blood.

So realistically, many people believe that travel abroad is unsafe. However, going abroad has no real increased health risks, unless of course you are to venture off to Africa with no shoes or pre travellers shots.


travel abroad is unsafe

Beach rules and regulations for health risks in Hong Kong

Accidents – Try as you might, you can never prepare yourself enough for the possibility of an accident happening while away. I can’t tell you how often I’ve come close to losing a limb while pursuing my adventures and I’ve had friends who were hospitalized because they weren’t too careful about their actions also. However, you could take all the precautionary measures in the world and still have that slight chance of being hit by a car or even falling ill. So whichever way you see it, you have those chances just as much as you do back on home turf than anywhere else in the world. Plus, you can’t walk around in a bubble your whole life, especially while abroad. For how are you going to truly soak it up and enjoy your time away?


Violence – As you see it on TV and all over the Internet, violence can break out anywhere at anytime in any way shape or form. I for one know this as I used to live in Egypt back in 2012, right at the height of the whole Muslim brotherhood debacle. The thing is, I was in Cairo when some of this stuff went down and saw it with my own 2 eyes. It’s really not as bad as the media made it out to be. But that being beside the point, it is crazy for you to think that you will be safer if you do not travel. Truth is violence is all around us and can spark up at any time, so staying in one place is surely not going to help you, because more than likely, eventually something will happen.


Natural disasters – It was back in 2004 when the Indian Ocean earthquake caused a tsunami that would change the lives of thousands of vacationers forever. Nature is a very powerful force and it could be one of the elements that make travel abroad scary. But what’s scarier is you could neither predict it nor prevent it. Sure it can be something to fear, but why fear something when you can’t control it? These are natural disasters; you would be silly to believe that you would be safer not to travel because of these natural occurrences. These are a global thing; it is apart of our universe and happens anywhere at any time without warning, whether you are at home or away on an amazing trip. Little do you know you could be abroad somewhere snowboarding having the time of your life, while everyone’s houses back at home has been damaged to severe floods. Which is exactly what happened to me back in 2010 whilst away on a trip, Its just a luck of the draw that can come without warning.


Crime – It’s something that happens everywhere, just because you hear it and see it in the news somewhere else in the world, does not mean it can’t happen right at your doorstep too. It can be avoided yes by not snooping into places where you are more than likely going to have a problem. However generally speaking, when you travel you are going to go see tourist attractions, go on adventures and experience things that are nowhere near affiliated with crime and corruption. It is a huge myth that if your are to travel you will bump into crime, when you are more than likely to be in the face of crime at home than abroad. For example I live in Australia and have never once overseas had to deal with authorities, however out the front of my house I have had my car window broken twice and my house broken into more than twice. And this is in a good suburb in Australia!

Crime, natural disasters, violence, accidents and health risks are apart of life, these are all unavoidable to a certain extent. It would be a shame for you to rule out your travel goals because you believe that travel abroad is unsafe on the off chance that either of these things could happen. You can choose to live in a bubble your whole life if you so wish and never venture away from the nest. But, you would be missing out on the most extraordinary life you could ever imagine, so look towards yourself to be courageous, go against the grain and experience all you can because holding back for anything is only going to allow you to miss out.


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