Australia’s cheapest flight search engine

I don’t know about you but I am excited, I wish I had of known this earlier.

But ever since I have been back on home turf in Australia I have been searching for flights to Melbourne, Cairns and over to New Zealand to name just a few. And I have finally come across Australia’s cheapest flight search engine!

Yea, I know right, a flight search engine tailored to just Australia. That doesn’t mean they solely provide domestic flights but also include international flights to and from Australia.

So before you jump onto your standard go to route for flights, check out what I believe is the cheapest flight search engine available in Aus for flights to, from and within Australia. They call themselves I want that flight’ and are 100% Australian owned and operated so you know when you book your flights you are supporting the locals.

cheapest flight search engine

What I want that flight can offer

At first I didn’t believe it and automatically thought the fees would be excessive. So I was quickly bouncing back between the likes of a few of my other favourite flight search engines to compare and surprisingly enough I want that flight came out on top!

I don’t know about you, but for me this is exciting news. However, by all means don’t just take my word for it, go and do your own due diligence here. After which I am sure you will be joining my level of enthusiasm for travel and booking flights here, there and everywhere.

What fascinated me was they charge no fees and make no commissions! And if they cannot offer the cheapest possible price for flights they will send you directly to the airline to book. That’s when you know they are honestly providing you with the best deal regardless.

Something else I also noticed, is when you search for flights and are viewing the results. In the side bar there is a list with even better deals tailored to your search terms that may or may not be associated with I want that flight. This means I want that flight go above and beyond as the cheapest flight search engine offering such discount deals among their standard cheap flights.

I could go on and on about how great they are from their free cancellations (within 4 hours of booking), 24/7 customer service, but the last thing I MUST MENTION is their flight alert option.

As always I am recommending people to sign up to the cheapest flight search engines to get emailed cheap deals via e-mail. However, not only does I want that flight offer this but yet again they have gone one step further with their service and offer you a flight alert option where you can set a price for flights and if the price for that particular flight drops below your stated price. They will email you to notify you those flights are available at that price or cheaper than what you wanted, how fricken awesome is that right! You basically have I want that flight doing the work for you so you don’t have to surf the net looking for flights around your price range.

So without sounding too salesy, do yourself a favour and check them out as I am sure you will be rewarded with cheap flights. Obviously you can make your own call on this but I will be sticking with I want that flight to not only stay considerate towards my bank account, but to also keep my adventurousness at it’s peak.




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