Help me Backpack New Zealand

So I am going on an adventure to backpack New Zealand and I need you’re help!


Not that I am a rookie backpacker or anything (how do you even determine that anyhow . . .), I just know lots of you have been over to that part of the world and I thought I could gain some of your wise tips and hints from you experiences. To add to that, from your words of wisdom and suggestions, I am hoping that many others can gain some insight on what to see and do also.


It has been a long time coming for me and I always had in my mind I would get to most of the further away countries first (from my home Australia), and then see all of New Zealand and Australia once I am ready to spend more time closer to home.


However now the opportunity has come I am going to grasp it and spend just under a month to backpack New Zealand. To briefly fill you in on the details so you know what’s up. I fly over to Auckland early Feb 2015 to where I am looking to hire a car (a wicked camper van) and travel the North and South Island to which my flight will leave Christchurch early in March.


So basically to backpack New Zealand I am going to be travelling around by van and just bunking in that each and every place I can. I was thinking of spending a week and a half in the North Island before getting on the boat to go and spend two and a half weeks in the south. What would be a great help is your words of advice.


I know there are many of you backpackers, adventurers and travel enthusiasts out there that have been too and seen some incredible things over in New Zealand and I (along with the readers) would greatly appreciate if you could share those. Or if there is something you may wish me to cover while I am there or again, even if you know of a place but want to keep it on the low, PM me, I am happy to have a chat.


So with just under a month to backpack New Zealand, I am calling out to you, what should I see and do that is utterly amazing? I know from pictures and what I read that this place is utterly awe-striking and I want to see the best of it. I am going to have my camera in hand ready to get some epic travel photography done and will be looking for us much adventure as possible during my time there.


So what should I see and do on my backpack New Zealand adventure? ready . . . go!

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