How road tripping Mexico changed my life

Those 3 months back in 2011 of road tripping Mexico are they days I will always look back on as some of the best days I have ever spent in my life!

We, and when I say we, I mean myself and 2 buddies decided to head south for the summer to catch some world class waves whilst road tripping Mexico for just under 3 months along the whole west coast.

road tripping mexico

We didn’t have a plan other than to get to as many great surf breaks as we could, and just be in the water as much as possible.

There were a few crazy things that happened like broken boards, encounters with great big tiger sharks off the coast at Boca de Pascuales. There too was the time our home (the van) got broken into, but nothing would compare to the drama on the day that Don (our South African buddy) snapped his shin bone in half!

I couldn’t believe it, amongst the 3 greatest months of my life road tripping Mexico also holds 1 of the worst days of my life when Don broke his leg. The ordeal was horrendous to say the least, and we were actually lucky he could keep his leg and still walk.

But moving on through our road tripping Mexico adventure we learnt a lot! Maybe not so much Spanish, although we did try. But what we learnt most importantly were life lessons. Things that have set me up for the positive, happy and healthy lifestyle I live today.

I learnt that I don’t need things, heck I learnt the less I have the better. And so it had always stuck with me since then. Since the road tripping Mexico times where we ate rice and beans cooked upon the fire we light each and every single night.

Our daily life was so simple yet so easy and gratifying that we were completely at peace every hour of the day. We would wake up and soak our beans in the pot before we paddled out. Came in for peanut butter, banana and maple syrup tostadas. Had a nap in the hammock or read a book until the surf started to get good again and off we were for another surf session.

Afterwards we would eat lunch, maybe a mango from the nearby mango trees or even a coconut.

Each afternoon we would catch a few more waves if we weren’t tuckered out and then relax by the fire cooking up our feast and chilling in our hammocks talking about life, swapping stories, along with our dreams and our life goals.

Every day was a day of fun, a day of doing whatever you wanted to do with no stress and time didn’t even matter. We lived day by day on as little as $5 or less each day and were quite contempt.

We needed nothing nor did anybody need anything from us and our days road tripping Mexico will always be remembered for how easy and simple our lives were back then. Whenever I get caught up in thought, stress and life worries I try to divert back to the simple life I had enjoyed for those 3 months and realize that there should be no room for stress and worry when you can experience a contempt life with as little as nothing.






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