Star gazing in Egypt up at the Astrological storm of 2012

Not sure if you remember but back in 2012 on December 12, the three stars of Orion’s Belt were to line up with the 3 Pyramids of Giza.

I found this event to be a bit far from the truth not being totally enthralled by astrology and all the ‘hippy elements’ that go with it. However, I must have some tendency for interest as I found this event to be more than extraordinary.

Especially after I witness the most incredible I may ever see in the sky again. But before that let me set the stage on how I became to be laying in the dessert in Egypt star gazing without a building or body in sight other than myself and my comrades.

I was working as a Dive Master (scuba diving) in Dahab, Egytp (a unique place in itself). And when first hearing the news of the astrological storm and the alignment of Orion’s belt with the pyramids, I did anticipate heading up to Cairo to watch the Phenomena. That was until my brother decided to come pay visit to sand land and see how I had been spending my time.

star gazing in Egypt

The fact that he came out to have a look and go for a dive was great, but to be exactly where we were on that particular night where neither of us expected anything, was just out of this world amazing, literally!

This is because we (myself, my bro and a mate) had set off into the desert for solely a scuba dive safari way up into the Red Sea where only a handful of people are ever so fortunate to go diving.

And it wasn’t until the sun went to sleep as we finished our supper over the fire with a few laughs between myself my brother and a fellow friend who I became close to throughout my time in Dahab. When we set up our swags out under the stars, laid down all to gaze up at the sky and be completely thrown back with the magnificence of it.

star gazing in Egypt

As we sunk deeper into our not so comfortable home made swags (Egyptian style) we couldn’t believe the intense brightness of the stars hanging in the sky with zero light pollution as the astrological storm awed us more than anything.

Even being in such a state of disbelief for what we were witnessing came something even more astonishing, shooting stars!

That evening as we counted not 1, 2 or 3, but 8 shootings stars it was hard for us to allow our eyes to shut even after a full day of camel riding and scuba diving.

And although we couldn’t stay up all night as a new day was to approach with even more diving and adventure, my brother, myself and our buddy will always remember that night we slept in the dessert of Egypt below one of the most anticipated and amazing astrological storms ever.



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