Why travel keeps me sane

There is not a day goes by that I don’t realise that travel keeps me sane. When I come to this point in realisation I catch myself thinking about all the places on my hit list, I think about what I am doing right now, where I am and why I am doing it.

Whether it is where I am travelling, where I am going next, what I am doing for work and where my cash is coming from to fund it all.

travel keeps me sane

Waking up by the Taj Mahal

I ask myself so many questions day in day out, and in the end the answer is always to explore as much of the world as possible because it all comes down to the fact that travel keeps me sane.

I don’t want to just travel because there is so much to see in such a little amount of time, I travel because I need to. I could stay at home and work my entire life until I retire. In which case I would be too fragile to even move, gallivant and explore the world with the ambitiousness that I have for discovery.

Or I could stay stuck in a life of routine, but that would cause me ultimate depression and the only alternative I know is to see the world, because as I said before travel keeps me sane.

I need to travel because I get bored if I am somewhere too long, working day to day and especially if I get roped into that god awful thing called routine. Routine not only bores me but it kills me, routine will honestly be the death of me and that is not an exaggeration. When I am in a routine nothing in my life is remembered except for the vague lines of which my blinkers skim by every day seeing and doing the exact same thing causing my life to become one big long numbing blur.

travel keeps me sane

Getting ready for more adventure in the hostel room in Beijing

But when I am on the road I remember it all!

From the busses, to the planes, trains and boats. The beaches, mountains, the hikes, the climbs, the slips, trips, falls and the other plethora of injuries that occur when following your passion. I remember the stressful times of having visa’s processed in short time frames, to the special times of watching astrological storms below the dark desert skies of Egypt.

And how could I forget all the people I meet. The friendships I make, the conversations I have and those special bonds you form that is apparent between two excited backpackers willing to explore until way beyond the closure of their bank accounts.

Or the food I am ever so delighted to experience, good or bad. The cultures that teach me their way of life along with their fears, frustrations, hopes, dreams and struggles. Because everyone has a unique story to tell and every story I hear is one to remember. From the hard knocked life of an Indian living in the slum to the self made millionaires who gave it all up to live a life of travel. To chase something other than what they were brought up to chase. To chase something that they have learnt to love more than anything, and that being travel.

So yes I remember it all and that includes the boring old war torn, broken down and decayed old churches scattered throughout the world. Amongst Mayan ruins, Egyptian heritage sites and European cobblestoned streets.

travel keeps me sane

Which is why my goal is to stay sane by travelling as it allows me to be aware, focused and in a state of mind for exploration, discovery and learning. . That could be from business ventures to travel and adventure. Either way I need to keep myself sane and the best way to do that is to keep travelling and living to my greatest integrity of seeing and doing as much as possible within the time frame and financial limitations I have.

Which makes me question everything that I do and how I do it.

And as each day passes and the questions keep rolling out, I always come to the most important question of all. Do I want to remember my life and what can I do to make sure this happens?

The answer is to travel. Not just because travel keeps me sane, or that travel gives me something to live for, but because travel allows me to live a life worth remembering.





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